A town by the sea

by Yachts Croatia

Luštica Bay

Providing safe harbour from wind and weather conditions, and able to accommodate small boats and large yachts alike, new marina scheduled to open at Luštica Bay in 2018 is a perfect gateway between Montenegro and the open Adriatic Sea. Luštica Bay’s new marina will certainly provide a convenient passage to life on the Montenegrin coast, with a comfort, sophistication and practicality on a grand scale. The marina facilities will not just provide yachting services and amenities, they also offer residents and guests entrée to Riviera lifestyle.

Lusšica Bay Marina

Luštica Bay

The homeowners in Luštica Bay, as well as the visitors of the complex will soon have the opportunity to moor the sailboats and yachts in one of the marina’s many secure slips – taking advantage of the world-class marina services in a beautiful, intimate, newly developed setting. Whether you wake up in your seaside villa or in one of the waterfront hotels, the first one of which scheduled to open next summer will be 5 star The Chedi hotel, a team of professional service and maintenance staff will eagerly await you, and make every effort to see you safely on your way.

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