A New Luxurious Experience

by Yachts Croatia

Royal Jet Capsule

The made in Italy Jet Capsule is completely tailor made around the client: this version, 7,90 meters long, named ‘Royal version 001’, offers 18 sqm of wide deck space, providing nine springy seats, and it’s equipped with a toilette room and a dinette corner (bar) in the rear part. The Jet can be powered with Yanmar diesel engines, from the 370hp up to 1040hp, coupled with a latest Hamilton or Rolls Royce jet drives, the watercraft can reach respectively speeds from 32 knots up to 62 knots.

Royal Jet Capsule

Large enough to be able to carry a group of friends in comfort to an island where they can sleep aboard in comfort

The newly powerful air conditioning system (24000Btu) creates the perfect habit inside the shell, for use the boat in very hot locations or in cold /rainy weather conditions. Other upgrades such automatic rear door and automated front windshield, are just few of the new details, available on the new Jet Capsule series, twin electric engines are available to sail up to 12 knots while in electric mode and charged while run regularly with the diesel.

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