Adriatic for Adriatic

by Yachts Croatia

A Plastic-free Environment at Hotel Adriatic

Maistra, an Adris Group company, is aware of the growing threat plastic pollution poses to marine biodiversity and has decided to take concrete measures to reduce pollution in its business operations. Hotel Adriatic, which is a part of the Maistra Collection brand, will replace all of its disposable plastic items with available alternatives. As such, it will become the first hotel in Croatia to actively advocate a plastic-free working environment and vacationing. ‘Many large corporations, including those in the hotel business, have decided to eliminate plastics from their daily activities. As the first hotel in Croatia using no disposable plastics, Hotel Adriatic seeks to be the leader in innovation and sustainability and invites all its employees to carry out responsible business practices. This enables our guests to actively participate in this ecological campaign and experience the Adriatic Sea in a unique way. We also want to expand this initiative to include other Maistra facilities,’ said the Chairman of the Maistra Management Board, Tomislav Popović. The implementation of this initiative includes an active participation of the hotel employees, its suppliers and partners, as well as guests and citizens who use the hotel’s services on a daily basis. In 2018, Adriatic started substituting plastic straws with paper ones. By June this year, the hotel will stop using 80 percent of its disposable plastic products (bathroom products, beverage bottles, bags, containers, cups, and the like). The aim is to completely stop using disposable plastic products in all accommodation units, bars, and the restaurant by the end of 2019. Moreover, Hotel Adriatic will use only biological cleaning agents by the same date. The hotel will also encourage cooperation with suppliers whose products are produced from natural, biological, environmentally acceptable or recycled materials. Among other things, the hotel guests will have the option of choosing environmentally friendly experiences during their vacation.

Photo by Maistra

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