Andrew Gaskin

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Andrew Gaskin – Inspired by the Mediterranean

Maistra luxury hotels have a secret weapon: chef Andrew Gaskin, who uses only the freshest and finest local ingredients to create divine pleasures for the palate

For the past year Englishman Andrew Gaskin has been at the helm of the kitchen of Rovinj hotels Monte Mulini, Lone and Adriatic. In his impressive career Gaskin has traveled the world and worked in Asia, Africa, France and Italy. He worked with famous, Michelin-gilded chefs Michel Rostang and Fulvio Pierangelini, and was part of kitchen crews in Michelin-starred restaurants in Rome, Monte Carlo, Paris and Bray. He cooked for celebrities and bigwigs, among them Silvio Berlusconi and Queen Elizabeth II. Gaskin’s cooking style is fresh, breezy and inspired by the Med, and his favorite ingredients are local and seasonal. He credits several chefs with giving him the skills he has today: his culinary school professor Hubert, who taught him the basics, Marco Pierre White, whom he admires for his dedication to quality and perfection, and Heston Blumenthal, the creative genius known for pushing the boundaries in all aspects of the culinary art. New head chef of Maistra’s luxury hotels, Andrew Gaskin is in charge of training and fine-tuning kitchen crews, quality supervision and developing menus. By his side are three chefs from Maistra’s three hotels – Radovan Blagić from Lone, Teo Ivanišević from Monte Mulini and Nikola Hrelja from hotel Adriatic. The quartet of chefs are careful to give each hotel its own distinctive style – Monte Mulini is known for sophisticated dishes, Lone for innovative flavors, while Adriatic will appeal to those looking for local cuisine with a Riviera twist. Each restaurant has its own story that relies on the people standing behind it: chefs, farmers, fishermen.

Andrew Gaskin

The latest star in Maistra luxury hotels is their new head chef, Mr. Andrew Gaskin

‘I want every guest in every one of our restaurants to enjoy their food with their eyes, as well as the taste. I’m known for thinking outside the box, which I believe is somewhat expected from a chef, as no cookie-cutter person would choose a profession like ours. I love coming up with new ideas, brainstorming with my team and developing ideas to create something new for the guests. That challenge of putting something exquisite and innovative in front of a guest every day, that’s my motivation.’ It’s no secret chef Gaskin loves all things from the sea, which translates into creations like pan-smoked oysters with zucchini flowers and nettle sauce, paired with excellent local wines. Gaskin always insists on local ingredients: ‘I particularly emphasize the use of only the best local ingredients produced by suppliers that I have picked personally, with Radovan, Teo and Nikola.’ On question what he aims to accomplish with his cooking, he replies briefly: ‘Happy guests, that’s my primary aim.’ Mission accomplished, say we: Andrew Gaskin’s culinary creations delighted us with both sophisticated flavors and refined presentation.

Andrew Gaskin

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