Aprea Mare available on the Croatian market

by Yachts Croatia

New addition to Navis Marine portfolio

The extensive Navis Marine portfolio recently got another valuable addition. Aprea Mare, once member of the mighty Ferretti Group that went their own way after the giant regrouped, will now be present on the Croatian market through Navis Marine. Many Croatian yachting lovers will surely remember their flying gozzos, fast and timelessly beautiful. Aprea Mare has been working on a new series, that will be launched this year. That is the new boat originated from an idea by Cataldo Aprea, the owner of Aprea Mare. Silhouette is very streamlined and modern, but which also has roots in the extremely elegant ‘Gozzi Sorrentini’ pleasure craft produced by the Aprea family in the 1960s that still sail the seas in Sorrento, Capri and Positano even today. Gozzo is the result of years of innovation, a creation that can revolutionize the way in which people see and enjoy life at sea. Gozzo is an entirely brand-new boat due to its hull, drive motor system and technological solutions; it is already destined to become an icon, to mark the history of the brand, an unrivalled masterpiece.

Photo by Aprea Mare

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