Adventure Arctic to Antarctic

by Yachts Croatia

Adventure Arctic to Antarctic – the Tip to Toe expedition

We present an unprecedented 11 day adventure with private jet from the Arctic to the Antarctic

There has never been a private jet trip incorporating both the Arctic and Antarctic. We give you inside of a true global first, the most spectacular and luxurious snow-laden 2017 adventure. The majority of the flying will be enjoyed on board Private Jet Tours’ 12- seater, long-range, luxury jet. The magnificent and exclusive trip is available to just 10 adventure seekers – who want to experience some of nature’s most awe inspiring and enduring sights in unprecedented luxury. Beginning at Luton Hoo Spa & Golf Resort for a pre-dinner drink, sumptuous dinner and overnight stay allowing the travellers rest after the holiday celebrations and to prepare themselves to be whisked off to the Harrods Aviation Private Jet Terminal and on the trip of the lifetime. First stop on the Tip to Toe extravaganza is Ivalo, Lapland – not only synonymous with Father Christmas, but with endless vistas of snowbound countryside, of reindeer, husky and skidoos, not forgetting the mystical Northern Lights. You will spend 3 nights at the spectacular Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, staying in a combination of glass igloos and wooden lodges. American luxury fashion house, Ralph Lauren used the stunning venue as the backdrop for the 2015 fall/winter campaign.


Ice waves, glass igloos and the Northern Lights – all before Blue Monday

Jane Bartelings Managing Director of Private Jet Tours, the only company that offers an array of jet tours from different operators, says: ‘Highlights of the first leg of the tour include exploring the authentic winter wonderland offerings; ice fishing, skiing, reindeer rides through dense forests and a husky ride. In Kemi you will enjoy a cruise on the icebreaker, Sampo. The cruise will give you the opportunity to learn about the way the ships operate and how they keep waterways open. You will even have the opportunity to take a dip in the ice-cold water of the Bay of Bothnia (in a dry suit)!’ From there it is time to travel north to south. The jet will take you from extreme cold to the opposite side of the world, arriving in the early evening in Cape Town and then to the Condé Nast regularly recommended Cape Grace Hotel – the hotel is also often voted the best in Africa. A nap is also recommended at this part of the trip as you will be taking an early evening flight on specially chartered aircraft to Antarctica where you will experience 24-hour daylight.


Imagine enjoying a picnic at the end of the world

The flight brings you to your camp on Antarctica. At this point you will experience what precious few have or ever will – setting foot on the 7th continent and daylight throughout the night. A host of exploration options are available enabling you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of Antarctica. Highlights of the few days on the 7th and most rarely visited part of the world include 4×4 vehicles taking you to ‘rope walk’: a technically easy walk with some light scrambling taking you over a huge rock cliff looking out towards the ice waves. You will also be able to visit Ice caves or perhaps learn the kite skiing. You can take a short flight to Atka Bay to visit a large Emperor Penguin colony where you have a chance to observe and photograph these majestic animals. What makes wildlife viewing so special on Antarctica is that because the animals aren’t used to humans they are not afraid of us. The adventure doesn’t stop as you find yourself ‘rope sliding’ to cross a frozen lake – an enthralling activity zip lining across a wire. No doubt memories of this phenomenal start to the year will forever be frozen in participants’ minds.


You will probably stand face to face with emperor penguins

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