Ban center

by Yachts Croatia

Special down to the core

Ever since Zagreb became a modern metropolis, life in the buildings within the lower town has become the concept of the urban way of living

In the sensitive contact zone between the historical core and the rectangular street grid of modern Zagreb (which emerged after a big earthquake at the end of 19th century), there are very few locations which remained incomplete and empty for more than a century. One of them is settled at the corner of Cesarčeva and Kurelčeva street, in the immediate vicinity of Ban Jelačić square, Ilica, Dolac and other important city points. The Ban Center, a mixed use residential and business development, designed by architects Svebor Andrijević, Otto Barić and Senka Dombi, with its conceptual and project solutions presents an optimal completion of the block and an upgrade to the entire concept of lower town living. The shape of the building respects the framework set by the surrounding buildings, with which it forms a single unit. The building is configurated over five underground and eight above ground levels. Luxury apartments, fitted with the latest technology, are located between the second and seventh floors. The public areas and business space are located on the ground floor, minus one basement and upper levels. The four lowest levels provide parking and access for loading and unloading. Garages for tenants are located on levels minus three to minus five. Purchase of parking spots is open to public, not just tenants. The position of the Ban Center affords views to the cathedral, the Dolac open market and the taste of the real city centre. The size, architecture and technical specification of the building, allows the Ban Center to successfully balance comfort and privacy with the pulsating life of the city centre. The glass curtain walling on the north façade of the building reflects the images of the street life and provides spectacular views towards the cathedral. The ground floor provides the best example of the dual character of the building combining intimacy with the public city block. The pedestrian passages within the development, provide a break to the monolith character of the neighbouring street facing retail units. The pedestrian traffic flows towards the public areas of the ground floor and minus one levels while the stair-like south façade continues this concept by reducing the monumentality of the façade wall and providing all levels with idyllic southern sun rays.

Ban Center interijer

Luxury apartments in the center of Zagreb

This sophisticated building has been inspired by the desire to combine high level secure comfort with its unique environs. Here, tradition and modernity are combined with peace and urbanity. Special attention has been dedicated to the individual need of living habits of future occupants. Apartments vary in size, have both northern and southern exposure, are fully customizable and have no less than eight meters in width. Adjacent units can be combined into larger ones, for increase in overall surface or number of rooms. The remaining apartments for sale vary in size from 46 to 282 sq.m., and the most attractive among them has an indoor pool. Some of the apartments are completed and available immediately, while other are structurally complete and the buyer can decide as is, or arrange installation of sanitary facilities, ceramics and hardwood floors. Modern technology allows the owner control over every system within the apartment – audio and visual systems, temperature settings, kitchen applicances, as well as security and safety systems. The smart house systems allow communication, safety and energy economy. Taking into consideration the needs of future occupiers, visitors and pedestrians, the Ban center provides extensive public space including a promenade, cafes and green areas. This condominium project has the operating license and has been energy certified, and its prestigious location and exclusive features promise that Ban Centar will evolve into a venue for shopping, socializing and doing business with unsurpassed views to history.

Ban Center

Ban Center redefines the concept of downtown living


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