Bentley’s electric future

by Yachts Croatia

A Bentley and Philippe Starck collaboration powered by intelligent design and step towards to electric future

Bentley has collaborated with renowned creator, Philippe Starck, to create a unique and intelligent recharging unit concept for Bentayga Hybrid customers – the Bentley by Starck Power Dock. The statement piece with its clean and refined design is conceived with the highest attention to detail from both Bentley and Starck, using sustainable and technological materials. The elegant surround is formed from pressed eco-linen with bio-sourced thermosetting resin, while the domed frontage is fashioned using a hot-pressure aluminium casting. Starck’s Power Dock concept – with its tactile surfaces and inviting aesthetic – will encourage Bentayga Hybrid customers to plug-in whenever they are at home, thus ensuring each journey begins with the maximum electric-only range.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid Starck

Sustainable materials and elegant design creates functional piece of art

It is designed to keep charging cables neat and safe at home. Furthermore, it brings a sophisticated and timeless touch to the act of hybrid recharging, acting as a functional piece of art that will enhance any home. Phillippe Starck, also a Bentley customer of many years, describes the ownership experience as ‘a love story’. ‘You don’t like a Bentley, you love it. The relationship with a Bentley is not about bio-design or horsepower, it’s a mental and sentimental relationship,’ he explained. Throughout his career Starck has demonstrated a unique and rebellious approach to product design, and an unrivalled attention to detail that has made him one of the most revered creators of his generation. Starck is one of the most revered creators of his generation and is responsible for many iconic designs. From everyday products such as furniture and lemon squeezers, to revolutionary mega-yachts, hotels and restaurants that aspire to be wondrous, stimulating and intensely vibrant places – Starck never ceases to push the boundaries and criteria of contemporary design.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid Starck

Starck is one of the most revered creators of his generation and is responsible for many iconic designs

He has also consistently demonstrated an environmental ethos, always conscious of the materials he uses and their impact on the world around him. All of this made him the perfect partner for Bentley and the Bentayga Hybrid. This Bentayga Hybrid model represents Bentley’s first step towards full electrification, combining the serenity of silent motoring with exquisite comfort and effortless performance. Offering the best of both worlds, the new model combines an advanced electric motor with a powerful and efficient new-generation V6 petrol engine. The hybrid version of the world’s most luxurious SUV will be Bentley’s most efficient model ever, and its first with CO2 emissions of 75 g/km. The Bentayga Hybrid feels and rides like a true Bentley, providing the refinement, effortless performance and exquisitely tranquil cabin environment for which the luxury British brand is famed. It represents the future of luxury mobility; an oasis of calm and tranquillity in the city and beyond. Bentayga Hybrid is not yet available to order. It will become available to order in selected markets from the second half of 2018.

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