Brioni 44+

by Yachts Croatia

Redesign of the jewel

This year the redesigned and refreshed version of Brioni 44 was presented. The yacht already known as unique in this market segment was given numerous changes. It was already hard to make Brioni 44 better, but the spirit of Slovenian yard to make the best in every detail is clearly seen here. The biggest change is longer length of the hull, but length of the boat stayed the same. From practical reasons fixed part of platform is now amplified for 28 cm. There is huge cockpit area with large table that can be converted to sun bed. There are also new opening windows in side saloon windows, Volvo Penta Glass cockpit monitor, fully automatic interceptors, new saloon roof electric hatches, new opening system for even bigger garage, new illuminated vitrine in the salon, new cutlery and glasses set different upholstery and many more smart ideas. Everybody who comes on board is astonished with all that smart solutions. Simply, Brioni 44+ is made to last. With already known features these changes make a special yacht. For us the impressive one is cruising speed of 32 knots and maximum of 40 knots. There is already legendary retractable galley stowed in cockpit wall with coffee machine as standard. There is also an enormous space in the cockpit walls for all sorts of equipment, Brioni uses all of ‘hidden space’ so in all spacious and luxuriously equipped cabins you will find vast of usable drawers. There are also some practical features like illuminated anchor spaces, video monitoring for anchor and stern, cockpit and steps illumination, underwater lights, and many more customizable features according to owners’ wishes, as not two Brioni yachts are the same. This means once you decide to buy one – you will get the jewel of boatbuilding with your name written on it.

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