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Winery Grgic

Yachts & Wine

For this type of sailing, you do not need special knowledge on oenology, simply follow your primeval thirst and passion for revealing the Croatian heritage


Magic of the South

Our route ignores most of the (too) popular spots and takes you from Dubrovnik to Lastovo via the undeservedly neglected eastern Pelješac and southern coast

Adriatic Routes Skrivena Luka

Five-Star Routes

Project Secret Routes pays attention to ever detail, with one and only goal: making sure you never forget your sailing adventure Most yachting vacationers have

Vis Plovidba

Scenic wonders of Vis

The town of Vis is a destination you simply must visit, and its cove offers countless possibilities for boats The town of Vis (43° 03.7′

Stari Grad, Hvar

The Ancient Town of Stari Grad

One of the safest natural bays on the Adriatic and a town where you can almost still feel the spirit of ancient civilisations Aready at

Sipanska Luka Plovidba

The Secluded Pearl of the Adriatic

Probably the most peaceful and the best-preserved island of the Elaphites, Šipan is a place to relax and restore one’s strength for new life challenges

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