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by Yachts Croatia

Yachts have never been smarter with intelligent features enhancing enjoyment of life on board to the maximum. We bring you just a few solutions modern yachts have to satisfy the Owner’s wishes, hoping to inspire for your next newbulid

Stern pools are becoming a standard on every new yacht, as of today at sizes of mere 40 meters, as the addition to the irreplacable beach club, and the folding balconies


Turquoise Quantum 77 m

Helipads are certainly not big news, but adding a decent sailboat to the modern yacht certainly is

Rosetti 85

Rosetti 85 m

Outdoor movie projector is probably one of the cheapest features of the new yachts that has produced biggest joy on board

Heesen Galactica Super Nova

Heesen Galactica Super Nova 70 m

‘Floating’ stern garages, some of which transform into lounges by the sea are some of the coolest new features completely transforming ‘useless’ aft compartments of the yacht

Sanlorenzo 52

Sanlorenzo 52Steel

Wellbeing is integral piece of our lives and onboard facilities have been following but at the slower pace, we find it especially important for charter guests


Wider 165 Cecilia 50 m

Text Damir Vantić

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