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One of the beast seafood restaurants in Dubrovnik is best known for authentic Mediterranean dishes – and the spectacular terrace looking at the old city walls

Restaurant Posat is the famous Mediterranean restaurant in Dubrovnik, with an exclusive menu that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets, as well as all of us regular people who dream of having a meal of their lifetime. Located near the famous Walls of Dubrovnik, at Pile gate an entrance to the Old town, as well as fortresses of Bokar and Minčeta, Posat is one of the best seafood restaurants in town, but also well known for a wide range of Mediterranean-themed dishes. The menu is based on authentic Mediterranean cuisine, with special emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients. Recipes are original and traditional, but interpreted in new and creative ways. The wine list is not only long, but also interesting and ideally created to complement every choice a guest might make, and the dessert list is interestingly creative.

Restoran Posat

In Posat special emphasis is on fresh, quality ingredients

The owners, Mario Ševelj and Ivica Udženija, have set the bar pretty high, sending out ripples across the Dubrovnik gastro scene almost immediately. They say the service is just as important in their success as is the food: ‘What’s important is treating guests like friends, offering them only the best. This restaurant and its food are a passion of ours, a passion we have been working on for years.’ Ivica Udženija is also the chef of this magnificent restaurant, whose menu is focused on organic local ingredients – fruit, vegetables and olive oil – grown by exclusively local farmers. The seafood tank that dominates the interior is, as is always the case with seafood restaurants, a promise of freshness. As for the interior, local wood and stone create a subtle, sophisticated atmosphere that unobtrusively engages the mind, while the spacious terrace overlooks the historic city from a spectacular angle. One of the not so many places in Dubrovnik where you can experience its authentic vibe, restaurant Posat will feed and please both your body and your soul.

Restoran Posat

Restaurant is also well known for a wide range of Mediterranean-themed dishes

Text Niko Vučković

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