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Restoran Fešta Gastronomy

Culinary event at Fešta

Fešta restaurant’s 25th anniversary To celebrate Fešta restaurant’s 25th anniversary they are organizing the ‘Fešta Days’ boosted by appearance of true culinary stars and unique …

Kraljevski Vinogradi Gastronomy

Vineyards worth Imperial Family

Wines from the rocky soil of the Punta Skala site entwined with profound aroma of indigenous grape sorts bring utmost joy to the taste bulbs …

Dimljena Riba Gastronomy

Special Adriatic Flavours

Tradition of Curing Fish Smoked tuna, shrimp, shellfish, sea bass, sea bream used to be a working-class dish saved for family feasts. Nowadays, these dishes …

Colnago, Paklinski otoci Gastronomy

Yachtsmen-focused restaurants

Unique gastro experience We have designed restaurant reviews based on their unique nautical gastro offer delivering high quality service today and over the years, earning them reputation …

Laganini, Paklinski otoci Gastronomy

The hell of gastronomy

In its 150 years of tourism celebrated this year, the city of Hvar has turned from health-oriented and elite tourism destination into one of many …

Vinarija obitelji Tomić Gastronomy

Tomić family winery

The cellars of Tomić’s winery in Jelsa offer the ultimate pleasure for the palate, as well as the experience of the past that passes to …

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