Daniel Craig

by Yachts Croatia

Could this be Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond?

At 47, Daniel Craig is in better shape than most men half his age. But it seems the years of stunts, long days and nights of filming, worldwide travel and press junkets have taken their toll on the Bond actor. When asked recently if he would play the spy one more time after the forthcoming Spectre Craig replied, ‘At this moment, no. I have a life and I’ve got to get on with it a bit. But we’ll see.’ Here’s what Craig – who’s married to actress Rachel Weisz – has to say about being 007.

Training regime
‘I start training about six months before we start shooting. We plan the shirtless scenes quite carefully, so I can de-carb and do all the boring stuff. The rest of the time I can eat and drink what I want and just try and stay in shape.’

Spectre director Sam Mendes
‘I think Sam has that energy to really direct a Bond Movie. He’s the only guy for the job. He did such a wonderful job with Skyfall. I knew he would put everything behind it, he would put all of his knowledge of moviemaking behind it, but also all of his knowledge and love of Fleming [Ian, the author of the 007 books] and Bond.’

Suits you
‘Buying off the peg, it can be difficult to find something that fits you, but I put on one of Tom Ford’s off the peg suits and they fit me like a glove.’

Driving force
‘I had to pinch myself coming to work, driving an Aston Martin around Rome. I would be numb not to get a kick out of that.’

Cinema style
‘I think these films are hyper stylish and they represent old fashioned movie-making. We don’t have shaky cameras, we don’t do a lot of hand-held. It’s very classically done and we spend a huge amount of effort doing it that way because we are doing Bond films.’

Stunt work
‘I enjoy it. Obviously there is stuff that I don’t have the skills for, but I’m desperate to do as much as I can. I get into the best shape I can, so I’m kind of wasting all that effort to just sit there and watch someone else do it, when I’m prepared to do it myself. I think the audience know when there’s a gap and see where the join is. If at the height of an action sequence you go, ‘Oh, that’s not him,’ it snatches you out and I don’t want people to feel that.’

Learning from history
‘I’ve got the box set [of the old James Bond films] and I went through them all for tips. There was stuff that Sean Connery and Roger Moore did and you go, ‘Oh that’s cute, the way they did that…’ Some of those are great movies and any film maker would be lying if they said they didn’t copy people, because you have to.’

Out of bounds
‘Obviously, I know that this job comes with a lot of scrutiny and I’m more than happy to sit down and talk about the work and the filming. But I don’t see why I should have to discuss the details of my private life in public.’

Bond basics
‘Let’s not beat about the bush over this. It’s a franchise that has been built on huge action sequences, beautiful girls and fast cars.’

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