A final play-off

by Yachts Croatia

Easter Regatta and X-yachts

The latest models of the currently most advanced sailing yachts in serial production and the Easter Regatta entered into a cooperation that will give this Regatta yet another special touch. In this agreement that was reached between the organizing company PBZ-Leasing and the Nautika Centar Nava, now the winners of the individual categories will compete for the title of the Overall winner of the regatta on completely new X-Yachts sailing boats. The Easter Regatta looks back at a successful 22 years tradition, it gathers the best Croatian crews, has a great organization team for both the competition and the promotional activities and numerous friends, of whom many return year after year. The reason for this respectable status of this Regatta is result of the efforts and enthusiasm of the organizer, the investment of significant assets into the organization, but also the permanent goal to make this definitely the best regatta in Croatia even better. Therefore, nobody was surprised by the news that the Easter Regatta has been again improved, this time in the competition part. In the upcoming Regatta that will be held at the end of March 2018, the organizers are reintroducing a final play-off, which means that all the winners of all previous races in the individual categories will battle against each other for the title of the Overall winner.

PBZ leasing Uskršnja

For this final play-off of the next years Regatta, all winners in individual categories will sail on identical boats. What makes this upcoming Regatta even more interesting is the fact that the winners in the four categories will compete on four identical, brand new X-Yachts sailing boat models, the most advanced sailing boats today in serial production. All this is result of the marketing cooperation between the Regatta organizer, the PBZ-Leasing and the representative of X-Yachts in Croatia, the company Nautika Centar Nava. The models that will be available to sailing crews are the new X43, all completely identical in their equipment. Accordingly, sailors will not only enjoy this final ‘male’ battle between the four category winners, but also get the chance to compete on these great sailing boats of the latest generation, the X-yachts. Unofficially, we also heard that the overall winner of the Regatta will be again presented a car as a main prize. Participating in this Easter Regatta for years now, we have also realized that this entire event, including the competition part, has become a festival for sailors and a celebration of the sailing sport and life by and on the sea. So it’s no surprise that everybody here feels like a winner.

PBZ leasing Uskršnja

If you would like to get a real feeling of these yachts in performing at sea, the above mentioned cooperation enables you to lease one of these brand new sailing yachts to compete in the Regatta, when these are offered for a Regatta charter before the final day. Since we expect all four new X-Yachts to participate in the Regatta, this will result in a very exciting race and will be a good announcement on what’s to be expected in the final play-off determining the overall winner. Alenka Alujević from Nautika Centar Nava, who is the manager for charter and sale of these yachts, stated: ‘We, as new representatives of X-Yachts in Croatia, are very pleased and proud to present the Croatian sailing sport lovers and the public this new brand of sailing yachts on the Easter Regatta next year. The X-Yachts boats have often won this Regatta and everybody will realize that these special yachts carry the DNA of the Danish brand – a unique combination of fantastic sailing performance and top quality of materials and manufacturing, which makes them very compatible with the image and rating of the Easter Regatta. This is an excellent chance for all interested enthusiasts to sail on the new X’s.’ The next Easter Regatta will be held on island Hvar between March 21st to 24th, 2018.

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