Freedom Like Bra

by Yachts Croatia

Intimissimi continues its journey with Sarah Jessica Parker, once again the spokesperson for the brand’s international campaign, through the most recognisable Italian language of all: gestures

Intimissimi celebrates femininity with spontaneity and a light-hearted attitude that all women can ‘wear’ in their own way, as they go about their everyday life. That’s exactly what Sarah Jessica Parker has taught us – the irresistible charm of those who don’t take themselves too seriously and turn geniality, hospitality and enthusiasm into a lifestyle. The worldwide campaign marks the launch of the Intimissimi Triangle Bra Collection: a symbol of simplicity and essential personality characterised by comfort and freedom. Set in a Manhattan apartment, Sarah Jessica is depicted in a scene that women all around the world will recognise: digging through her closet, undecided on what to wear, she goes from the silk triangle bra, to a black lace one, to a white microfibre version, finally deciding on the peach-coloured option. There are thousands of ways to be a woman, to feel sensual, but in the end, the right choice is always the one that makes you feel confident. In this case, elegant silk pyjamas that let the iconic triangle bra show through.

Photo by Intimissimi



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