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‘Love is my eternal inspiration, an unconditional value’ explains Caroline Scheufele, artistic director and co-president of Chopard

‘Love is my eternal inspiration, an unconditional value’ – Caroline Scheufele, artistic director and co-president of Chopard explains why Love is the name of her latest Red Carpet jewellery collection, presented at Cannes Film Festival. Chopard has been the official partner of Cannes Film Festival since 1988. Each year the number of pieces of jewellery matches the number of Festival editions, meaning that this year 72 spectacular pieces were worn by the biggest Hollywood stars. Each piece takes your breath away, but the 18-carat white gold and titanium necklace with heart-shaped tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, amethyst and diamonds, is a truly remarkable piece of design that takes 14 weeks to make. Caroline Scheufele, aware that the Red Carpet is a fantastic display for fashion and jewellery, is the best ambassador for her brand.

During the Festival she hosts lavish charity events and biggest stars attend them, wearing her stunning jewellery creations. Her wardrobe during this period is colourful: 30 day looks, 25 robes, 30 pair of shoes, 15 cocktail dresses and – her jewels. Of course, she doesn’t wear them all, but a lady needs to know what will match her temper. Glamorous life has a deeper meaning for Caroline Scheufele. ‘True luxury is about knowing the true ecological footprint of what you wear,’ she says. Feeling free to do what she wants because Chopard is a family-owned company, that reports only to the family, she can afford to be a leader in establishing trends, and show a sense of responsibility concerning ethical gold. ‘Using 100 percent ethical gold in all our creations and putting sustainability at the heart of our brand, we want to show that Chopard is the leader in our industry. We really want to make a difference in a world of luxury watches and jewellery. When you learn that there are men, women and children digging up gold and stones, working in unsafe conditions without fair compensation for their work, you just need to do something about it,’ she explains.

Julianne Moore Caroline Scheufele

Julianne Moore & Caroline Scheufele / Photo by Greg Williams

German-born businesswoman, the daughter of Karin and Karl Scheufele III who bought the house in 1963, runs the company together with her brother Karl-Friedrich. While he is more focused on men’s watches, his wine estate Chateau Monestier La Tour and the famous Mille Miglia race, she is the queen of the ladies’ world of Chopard. In May 2013 Chopard unveiled their first Green Carpet Collection, along with Livia Firth, founder of Eco-Age, and this marked the beginning of the journey to sustainable luxury. ‘We formed a philanthropic relationship with the Alliance of Responsible Mining, to directly support and enable gold mining communities to obtain a Fairmined Certification and provide training, environmental support and social welfare for them. First, we started with gold, then we found sustainable emeralds and opals, the next are coloured stones. It’s a long journey, but it is the right one.’

Text Dubravka Tomeković Aralica Photos by Chopard Archives

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