Hannah Fraser

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The Circle of Mermaids

Susan Rockefeller’s Circle of Mermaids initiative is designed to highlight the experiences and philosophies of individuals whose lives revolve around the ocean, explaining how they protect what is precious

Hannah Fraser is a professional model, freediver and dedicated ocean activist, who employs her own beauty to showcase the enchanting marine life in our oceans. Hannah is the archetypical mermaid, beautiful both without and within, she has dedicated her unique talents to communicating an inspirational narrative of how humans can become at one with the ocean. Her personal love for the oceans is fully immersive, her lifestyle is inspirational, as is her ommitment to the marine environment. Together with Emmy award winning photographer and cinematographer Shawn Heinrichs these gifted artists have travelled the world and created groundbreaking imagery that present moving interactions between human and awe  inspiring marine wildlife. Their photographs and short films shot with Tiger Sharks, Whale Sharks, Pilot Whales, Dolphins, and Manta Rays have been used to highlight the devastation caused by shark fin and manta gill ray trade.

Hannah Fraser

Swimming with Manta Rays

Through their images they demonstrate to an international audience that these animals are intelligent, interactive, largely harmless, and invaluable to the balance of the eco system that we depend upon for life on this planet. By engaging seaside communities in initiatives to protect their local ocean animals and eco system through education and inspiration, the collective have enjoyed considerable success. In the Philippines and Indonesia many local villages they worked with have changed their practices of killing to tourism, instead of slaughtering they showcase the natural beauty of these animals. A documentary entitled ‘Guardians of the Deep’ is showing behind the scenes footage of how these ground breaking animal connections were navigated and the images captured. The shoots were full of intensely challenging physical hardships and required a deep knowledge of the ocean and its inhabitants.

Hannah Fraser

Whale Sharks are graceful and slow

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