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Italian builder Heron Yacht is best known for their opens ranging from 33 to 70 feet. Elegant in design and revolutionary in style, they are the epitome of Made in Italy

Their first model, Heron 56, that debuted at yacht festivals in Cannes and Genoa, was an attractively designed yacht that impressed with daring lines, primarily of the underwater part of the hull. Completely smooth, without any ridges or sharp angles for hydrodynamic support, Heron 56 glides through water as if she were born there.

Heron 56 is extremely comfortable

Careful studies of optimal race sailboat lines, as well as tests of various prototypes allowed the builder to create a risk-free first model. Long sea trials confirmed excellent performance of the model and modest fuel consumption of Heron 56, a yacht that boasts a high level of comfort ad promises safe and stable cruise in almost any conditions.
‘Our goal is to build innovative yachts that will impress experts’, says Mr. Bello, chairman of the board of directors of Heron Yacht, who has made a successful transition into yachting due to his passion for all things sailing. ‘The success of Heron 56 confirmed we were on the right track. The prototype that debuted last year is very elegant and has a unique visual identity: she is recognizable form afar.’
Heron Yacht 56
Heron Yacht 56

Heron 56
The forte of the Heron 56 is her hull, designed to hold course steadily at any speed

Heron finance their yachting endeavors with profit from other activities, which are many and primarily in the real estate development, where Heron covers planning, design, rebuilding and building of commercial objects for various purposes, predominantly for big clients from the segments like distribution, pharmaceuticals and banking.
‘Our plan is to separate the yachting sector from the rest of the company, as they are worlds apart. Our yacht building complex in Fiumicino outside Rome covers 2200 square meters of indoor production space, 3300 square meters of outdoor space and a 600-square meter testing pool. ‘The yard has been renovated, as our experience gained in the construction sector allowed us to see the need for creating an organization structure and adapting it to the crisis times. Our organization matrix is very simple: we have eight key points and employ a large number of experienced, capable employees, all working within walking distance from each other. Every step of the process, from building to making of parts and equipment, involves professional partners, and that model is the best guarantee to our clients that their precious yacht will be in best hands in every stage of development’, says Mr. Bello.

Italian shipyard
Heron Yacht currently builds two models: Heron 56 and Heron 38

Heron Yacht is currently developing models that will define the future of the yard, that will mostly be similar to the prototype, designed by Massimo Picco. Heron developed Picco’s ideas with Rome studio SC Superyacht Design, with whom they also partnered for design of future hulls. The studio boast an impressive list of designers, some of whom have years of experience in design of yachts up to 50 meters, as well as design of technically demanding speedboats and displacement boats.

New Heron 38

Until the new model debuts, the yard is perfecting the 56. The model is already available in the T-top version, and will soon be available a with a roll-bar, as an open and finally with a bimini top. At the same time the yard is working on a new model, Heron 38, developed on the 56 platform, but with more moderate length and aimed at a different part of the market. Heron 38 will be available as a walkaround and a day cruiser, both versions with either inboard or outboard engines.

Heron 38 Render
Italian boat render
Italian boat render

Heron Yacht 38 Render Back View 01
Heron 38 boast same recognizable lines of the bigger model – Heron 56

Just like her predecessor Heron 56, the new Heron 38 is result of meticulous research and testing, and boasts modest fuel consumption, optimized performance even with weaker engines, stable and comfortable cruising and maximum comfort onboard living. Designers and architects put stability above all, making Heron 38 a confident, safe yacht at all speeds. Her vertical bow is delicate and knife-sharp, with slight horizontal tapering.
Even though Heron 38 was inspired by the previous model, she is still unique in many aesthetic choices. Sophisticated lines and classy metallic color of the hull announce allover elegance, in line with the series style. The interior is flexible and available in several versions, as the number and size of cabins depends on the engine choice. Heron 38 is available in versions Walkaround and Cabinato, identical in length and displacement, but with different engines: 2 x Volvo Penta D6 – 400 KS DuoProp Stern Drives or outboard engines up to do 2 x 350 HP. The first unit is already underway, and it will have fully custom interiors and deck.
Heron 38 yellow
Heron Yacht 38 Render Front View 01
Heron 38 red

Heron Yacht 38 Render Side View 01
Heron 38 can be personalized in many ways and details

‘Our goal’, says Mr. Bello, ‘is to make our brand instantly recognizable on the international yacht market, and while keeping already developed basic lines, offer yachts that vary in layout and engines, allowing our clients to see their yachting dreams come true in their most satisfying form.’
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