I believe I can fly

by Yachts Croatia

Unforgettable adrenaline action

Not just an awesome adrenaline rush, zip-lining also gives you the chance to get a new perspective on unusual landscapes

You’ve probably dreamt that you can fly at least once in your lifetime, imagining the joy of looking down on the beautiful scenery with a bird’s eye view or to simply feel that rush of adrenaline as your feet leave the ground. Now you have the chance to make that dream come true by whizzing down one of the many ziplines around the world, but specifically, in Croatia. Ziplining consists of travelling from one platform to another, down a cable, at an incline. Most frequently, the sites are located among stunning natural havens, such as canyons, through treetops or in the mountains. Cross country vehicles usually take you to your starting-point location, where the adventure begins with familiarisation of the safety equipment, putting them on and thoroughly checking them. Once visitors arrive at the location, they are instructed on safe practises during their ride down the cables, after which they pass the first line, or the so-called ‘baby line’ (a 20-meter cable). Here they learn the techniques on how to ride the cable and how to brake.


Zipline Edison on Krk island

Organisers of this type of adventure cannot make your dreams come true, but they can give you the next best thing! One of the most famous ziplines in Croatia is located in the Cetina River Canyon, only three kilometres from the town of Omiš. It is surrounded by the sea and the mountains of Mosor and Omiška Dinara. It consists of eight cables the total length of which is 2,100 meters. The first one is the longest (700 meters, at an altitude of 150 meters) and some cables are stretched across the river. If you are sailing in the Adriatic this summer, zipline Edison is a great attraction on the island of Krk, well worth a visit. Situated on the slope of Treskavac, along the D102 state road and close to the famous Glagolitic Trail, visitors can enjoy an unforgettable experience of walking through lovely landscapes and ziplining down more than two kilometres. The starting and highest point boasts a most beautiful view of the south side of the island of Krk, Baška and the island of Prvić. Zipping down numerous cables, overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful karst landscape lasts for about two hours and truly is a unique experience. The only zipline in Croatia which you ride lying down (also the longest and the fastest), is zipline Pazi medo in Lika, more precisely in Rudopolje.


All elements of the zipline system have been carefully calculated and reinforced (on picture Zipline Pazi Medo in Lika)

Imagine being 80 m above the ground and riding at a speed of 120 km per hour, 2 km of which is spent gazing down upon the slopes of Lika. The total length of the steel cable is 1,700 m, which makes it the longest zipline in Europe. The second longest being located in Wales. To achieve speeds greater than 120 km per hour it is necessary to have the northern wind on your back. In especially strong winds or rain the ride cannot take place, so we advise you to check the weather forecast before booking. The inbound platform was built using 150 m3 of reinforced concrete and 100 m3 of wood. It’s not just a landing point, it holds an impressive panoramic view, overlooking three valleys in the surrounding area. So, after an exciting ride you can relax and reflect. The realisation of this project was a real challenge – it lasted for three years, but its end is not even close – a flying bicycle is also planned, as well as the longest zipline in the world. If you happen to stop by Montenegro this summer, ziplining over the Tara Canyon is a fantastic experience that will make your visit unforgettable.


Unforgettable adrenaline action is equally attractive to adventurers big and small (on picture Red Rock zipline over Tara river)

Red Rock zipline is one of the most interesting activities you can try and it is located next to the Đurđević Bridge, rising 150 meters above the remarkable Tara River. It is an impressive construction, one of the most popular attractions of Montenegro, and this mode of transport will give you a brand new perspective of this beautiful bridge. The Tara River canyon is 1.333 m deep, making it the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world, preceded only by the Colorado River Canyon. Most of the river, including its canyon, is under UNESCO protection as part of the Durmitor National Park. The zipline is designed to be completely safe and comfortable and an age limit does not exist, so all ages can get involved. It has been said that dreaming of flying means that you are confronted with a situation representing the peak of your personal control and power… if you try ‘cable flying’, we’re sure you will experience something new or at least enjoy the ride with a great buzz!

Photos by Zipline Red Rocks, Edison and Pazi Medo

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