Invictus vs. Capoforte: Unveiling the Two Faces of Aschenez Shipyards

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Aschenez shipyards were born in 2014 from the passion of Mr. Rosario Alcaro, who worked in the nautical sector for more than thirty years before investing into building a shipyard in Calabria, partnering with one of the most brilliant designers in the sector, Christian Grande. Together, they create unique, special models, icons of quality and style like the ones that have made Italian yachts the best in the world; boats that are a synthesis of performance and cutting-edge design.

The shipyard, located in Roccelletta di Borgia, is today considered one of the top builders in the international nautical sector, a place where tradition merges with the vision of new horizons that gives life to the dreams of its founders. The story of Aschenez is written by the stories of their people, who work on goals that they consider their own, like a large family powered by passion, determination and progress.

These are the principles that unite their employees working on 22 models between the two brands built in the yard: Invictus Yacht and Capoforte Boats, two daughters of the same family growing under the watchful eye of Rosario Alcaro.

Shipyard’s professionals transform every idea into unique creations with competence and passion: from design to production, from attention to detail to the choice of materials, always without compromise. The entire production process is carried out internally: from the molding of the fiberglass, to the assembly, up to the final tests.

The production system uses advanced technological processes, but the quality and excellence of the final product still largely depends on the expertise of the employees. From upholstery to carpentry, which are installed last, everything is born and created in-house, and and it emerges from the shipyard as a proud representative of Italian quality.

The yard is sketching various future projects, with the idea to increase the T range and expand the electric range, becoming pioneers of the green revolution – and honoring the green part from the first to the last step of the production process.

Invictus Yacht: Flawless synthesis of beauty and function

Invictus Yacht offers luxury boats boasting high degree of customization, inside and out. The Invictus range does not compromise on comfort, in many cases adopting transformable solutions for the layout. The TT series was designed to offer tenders for luxury residences or maxi-yachts, and their large decks make TT series models perfect day cruisers.

Invictus TT420S side view

Invictus TT420, sister of the TT460 flagship, winner of the Design Innovation Award in 2020, takes the range into the future with stylish, functional and practical features adapted to new dimensions, laying the foundations for lasting success.

Capoforte Boats: Mediterranean Soul

There’s no need to sacrifice luxury for agility with Capoforte Boats, inspired by the Italian coast. These boats are designed for the most demanding owners who are passionate about experiencing the sea elegantly, without sacrificing the sportier aspects of an open day boat. The Capoforte range counts 12 models, including the newcomer the SQ240, which represents Capoforte’s entry into the world of electric propulsion.

Capoforte SQ 240i

The SQ240, which debuted at the last Genoa Boat Show and won the Design Innovation Award, is enhanced by a very versatile layout and a hull designed to offer maximum navigation efficiency and co-operate seamlessly with available electric propulsion (Yamaha Harmo or Molabo Iscad V50). The brand is powered by focus on experience, relaxation, feeling welcomed and cradled aboard – after all, this experience lies halfway between motor yachting and sailing, offering the most positive aspects of both: from motor yachts, these models have inherited the practicality and the possibility of enjoying impressive autonomy.

Rosario Alcaro: Shaping luxury of tomorrow

Rosario Alcaro is one of the most important and well-known names in Italian yachting. His career in the nautical sector began in the 90s, when he became a partner and commercial director of Nautica Alcaro srl, specializing in sales of yachts and sports boats, after-sales assistance, storage, and management of hauling and launching activities during the summer season.

He took the leap onto the international scene in 2001 when he became managing director of Seal Marine srl, builder of yachts and sports boats ranging from 19 to 52 feet, owned by Sessa Marine. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Cultural Association of Calabrians in the World award. In 2014, after having established himself as a well-known entrepreneur in the international nautical sector, he attempted a new challenge with Aschenez, and is as ever committed to making a difference in this ever-changing dynamic and evolving sector.

Christian Grande: Brand comes before anything else

Christian Grande is the designer and visionary of Invictus Yacht and Capoforte Boats, best known in the industry for finding inspiration in the automotive world. Studio Grande, founded in Parma in 1992, now mostly collaborates on yacht projects, and has a strong, friendly partnership with Aschenez. Their collaboration began in 2016, with the idea and design of the now famous semi-reversed bow, a stylistic trait that makes each boat in the Invictus range immediately recognizable, and is present in the entire fleet of models ranging from 28 to 46 feet.

Photos Invictus, Capoforte & Alberto Cocchi

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