Jewelry shaped by stories

by Yachts Croatia

Stories from various generations are ingrained in pieces of family jewellery – they are reminders of some of the most important moments of our lives

Many women find after decades of wear, their precious grandmother’s ring is almost unrecognisable, one of her earrings got broken or even lost, her jewellery box holds only a pendant but not the matching chain or simply that her grandmother’s string of pearls just isn’t to her taste. As a result, it can happen that the once-treasured jewels remain neglected for years and years; or, we can let master jewellers work their magic and give them a new lease of life – either by restoration, redesign or even by using them as the basis for the creation of new pieces, which have a stylish, contemporary appearance interwoven with the memories and traditions of your family.


Occasionally, we must entrust master jewellers to bring them back to their former glory and bring back their sparkle

Extremely tarnished gold pieces can be restored to their original shine or their elements used as the basis for the design of new jewellery: a long-lost earring’s partner can be reshaped into a pendant, a pendant lacking a chain can get one or can be remade into a brooch. A torn string of pearls can be restrung or used as the basis for a pair of earrings, a ring or a bracelet in a style that can be suited to everyday or those prestigious, special occasions. The skilled team of designers and jewellers at Draguljarna Malalan are delighted to weave your family stories into jewellery that will bring further happiness to future generations. Their master team of designers and jewellery craftsman will first embody your ideas in the form of a sketch, followed by a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery under the trademark of Draguljarna Malalan: this guarantees that designs are unique, the material is of ethical origin and above all, the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Photos by Malalan

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