Lagoon Seventy 7 Review: Creation of a Masterpiece

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With its elegant design, innovative features, and spacious interiors, the Seventy 7 is a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence that has propelled Lagoon to the forefront of yacht design

Lagoon Seventy 7: A paradigm shift in multi-hull sailing

Lagoon Seventy 7 is the finest model of her French maker and the model that launched the builder all the way to the top. Instead of just describing this exquisite boat, we’ll try to show the creation path that lead to her debut at the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival.

The maker of this twenty-three meter long multi-hull set out to create an elegant family yacht attractive to private owners; comfortable, safe and spacious, without unusable space. What they ended up with is a multi-hull super yacht.

Indulge in the ultimate sailing experience with the Lagoon Seventy 7

This is photo of a catamaran Lagoon 77 named Adriatic Dragon, sailing aerial view

Adriatic Dragon

Lagoon 77 is a new concept, with new dimension, belonging to the world of superyachts, while still holding the generosity and friendliness that are characteristic of Lagoon catamarans.

The project manager Bruno Belmont says they were aware of the need for a completely new design, as technology had advanced since their latest mode, the Lagoon 620: ‘It had been ten years since we’d created a new model and we knew we couldn’t just add a couple of feet to the 620’, says Belmont.

Lagoon 77 sailing catamaran Lagoon Seventy 7 aft deck

Lagoon hired designer Patrick Le Quément and naval architect Marc Van Peteghem to come up with a fresh new silhouette. As the dimensions grew in respect to the previous largest models, designers had more maneuvering space, which led to innovation.

Spacious interiors and unparalleled comfort

First and foremost, the hull got taller, which translated to more spacious interiors and safer exteriors, but also gave this large multi-hill excellent performance capabilities.

Lagoon 77 bow lounge

The master cabin got a private terrace starboard (almost completely hidden from view when not in use), with direct – and private – sea access. Lagoon Seventy 7 is the first sailboat to have one.

‘Seventy 7 has a backward placed mast, as do all our new models, which makes her faster, but also allows the crew to get around the deck faster’, says Marc Van Peteghem. That little change made the designers change the configuration of the cockpit, which is divided into the working part and the leisure part.

Discover the magic of the seas aboard a Lagoon catamaran charter

The interior is very spacious and it can be configured in six different ways. Every space can be turned into whatever the owner wants: two VIP cabins can become meeting rooms or movie rooms, the galley can be aft or on the bow, next to the crew cabins; the master cabin can be anywhere on the ship, and the VIP cabins can be doubles or singles and there can be two or three of them.

‘We’ve used materials we usually use on big motor yachts and superyachts; all elegant and high quality’, says Massimo Gino from Nauta Design. Some parts of the interior are similar in all the versions, though – the salon and the dining room are always in the very heart of the ship. The interior is well connected to the exterior and surrounded in glass surfaces that allow the sunlight in.

‘The design office is here to make the ship adhere to all the standards and rules regarding functionality, sturdiness, safety and technical details,’ says project manager in the design office, Yannick Leroux. His office built the hull mold: several pieces joined into the 600-square meter, 28-tonne mold that serves to build every unit.

A Testament to Craftmanship: The Precision and Detail in the Lagoon Seventy 7

The interior of the Lagoon Seventy 7 is also built in modules, with 3D-printed prototypes that are later pieced together into the hull. ‘One of our duties is to prepare a cost estimate for every piece of the ship and the ship as a whole’, says interior design manager Mathieu Gizard.
When all the molds and prototypes are perfected, the first unit is built. The design can take up to a year and a half. The marketing office of the yard also had a large role in development of the new model. ‘

Our desire was to create a strong, powerful, attractive model that will embody the DNK of Lagoon and serve as declaration of our search for excellence’, says designer Patrick Le Quément about the hard work of designers, engineers and builders who have created this uniquely innovative multi-hull luxury sailing yacht, the basis for the already announced motor yacht lagoon Seventy8 that will debut in Cannes this year.

Lagoon Seventy 7 specifications
LOA: 23,28 m
Beam: 11,00 m
Draft: 1,9 m
Fuel capacity: 2.800 l
Water capacity: 1.600 l
Displacement: 56,8 t
Engines: Volvo D4 180 hp
John Deere N5 230 hp
Mast: 36,60 m
Sail area: 335,4 m2
Builder: Lagoon
Dealer: Nautika Centar Nava

Photos & video Lagoon

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