Lifestyle Check In: International Companies Choose Dalmatia for a First After Pandemic Business Events


The series of business events Lifestyle Check In, after the successful Split edition in October, continues in Šibenik on May 27th and 28th, at the attractive luxury location of the En Vogue Beach Club of Amadria Park. With the support of the Tourist Board of Šibenik-Knin County and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the organizers will present Dalmatia to foreign media and companies as an ideal place for business and promotional events

The main goal of the Lifestyle Check In event remains to connect domestic and foreign companies, from sectors whose products and services nurture the philosophy of comfortable and beautiful living such as fashion, cosmetics, home decoration, car and nautical industry and technology. The upcoming Šibenik edition emphasizes the international media promotion of exhibitors and locations and is therefore called the Media Style-Up Edition.

Lifestyle check in monica Ioanitescu

‘In a perfect location in beautiful Šibenik, for Austrian and Croatian companies and representatives of the most widely read Austrian media, which will be joined, of course, by Croatian colleagues, Lifestyle Check In has designed a program that will allow companies to present and connect. In a relaxed atmosphere, they will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions and consider opportunities for collaboration. After the working part and presentation of the companies, the companies and media representatives will enjoy on a beautiful yacht. It is important to give foreign visitors the impression of the strength of Croatian nautical tourism and the unique experience of the Croatian coast that can only be gained by sailing’, said Monica Ioanitescu, project director Lifestyle Check In.

We do not doubt that the gathering will be in a great mood, considering the announced arrival of professionals and true hedonists from the international Cigar Club Mareva. Many foreigners already use the health services of Croatian private clinics, and our country is an increasingly desirable destination for aesthetic procedures and treatments so there will be presented services of SkinClinic, one of the leading centres for aesthetic medicine and modern cosmetology in Split.

Lifestyle check in skin clinic

Concern for health and beauty is also in the focus of the Austrian brand EchtSchoen. The focus of their offer is on holistic care of health and beauty with natural, handmade cosmetic products of balanced recipes from natural ingredients from Carinthia. An individual approach is the foundation of their business philosophy, so the basic product line, odourless, for the care of sensitive skin, can be personalized with fragrances and active ingredients of choice and according to user needs. Exclusively natural ingredients based on medicinal herbs and dried fruits are also in the core of the product of the Romanian tea manufacturer Veroslim.

Croatian production will be represented by Ilks with skin and face care products made of 100% natural Mulberry silk. From Ilks they state that everyone deserves at least a little luxury and attention after a hard day, and the best rest and relaxation is on silk.

The star of the Austrian fashion scene Dali Oleschko at the Beach Club En Vogue Amadria Park will present the summer collection for the 2021 season. At the LCI Style-Up event in Šibenik, the new collection will be presented to the public for the first time. Further, DO Couture will also present the 1st ‘Limited T-Shirt Summer Edition 2021’ for women and men, inspired by the patterns of her summer collection. What makes this T-shirt edition different, apart being a limited edition, is the staging selected details of the print samples from the Dali Oleschko Couture summer collection.

The internationally famous Austrian artist Thomas Kogler, better known under the ArtGunn brand, is also arriving in Šibenik. In creating realistic pop artworks, he uses gold leaf, epoxy resin, neon paints, varnish and gilded banknotes.

A touch of Dalmatian archipelago will be brought to Šibenik by the representatives of the newly renovated Hotel Lumbarda located on the southern cape of the island of Korčula, among the sandy hills with crystal clear sea and superior gastronomy. ‘The synonym of pure luxury and beauty that each of us must and should afford’, they tell us from Korčula.

Communication and collaboration among entrepreneurs will surely be facilitated by professionals from the consulting company AVB Consulting who, in collaboration with clients, achieve outstanding business results, surpass the competition and redefine industries. In addition to the Tourist Board of Šibenik-Knin County, the event is held with the support of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

A special partner of the Style-Up edition of Lifestyle Check-In is Dr Mansoor Alobeidli, known for his title of Middle East Beauty Ambassador. He is the Middle East Regional Director of the World Beauty Congress, he promoted numerous beauty championships in the UAE and is also an owner of a media production and communications company and Bedazzled Events agency in Dubai, through which he promoted Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, Designers, Models & Creative artists through National and international events directed and executed.

Like previous releases, LCI provides a space to connect with entrepreneurs through associations in which individuals invest their time and talents to make the world we live in better and help vulnerable groups in society. The Croatian Association ‘Femina‘ was founded to provide educational opportunities, and social and psychological support to women by supporting them in times of crisis and unpredictable times of the pandemic.

The Austrian association ‘Kleine Herzen‘ is led by a team of volunteers whose goal is to provide orphans and children in need from Russia, Ukraine and Cambodia with education and training so that they would not be victims of violence and crime after leaving their homes.

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