Zaha Hadid

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Zaha Hadid Art

Queen of the Curve

Zaha Hadid’s pioneering vision redefined architecture and design for the 21st century and captured imaginations across the globe Having first achieved international recognition through her …

Yayoi Kusama Art

Remarkable Yayoi Kusama

A luminary in the cultural sphere One of the most, critically acclaimed artists of our time looks upon the world in a unique way and, …

Venice Biennale Art

Biennale Arte 2017

Viva Arte Viva The largest international visual arts exhibition, the Venice Biennale, is celebrating its 57th edition this year and its position and location make …

Rodin’s ‘Meditation’ Art

Rodin’s ‘Meditation’

In Mestrovic Gallery Starting May until September Split’s villa Mestrovic seals the bond of respectful friendship under exhibition Rodin’s ‘Meditation’ The artistic hues and touches …

Bill Murray Portrait 01 Art

Bill Murray

The story of the murricane This tragicomic virtuoso charms audience with his acting skills and human qualities In Stockholm, in summer, dusk bleeds into dawn. …

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