Marino Alfani

by Yachts Croatia

Marino Alfani is the protagonist of a new video illustrating how ideas become naval architectures

The designer Marino Alfani is well-known in the world of yacht design. He has developed over 50 projects, signing yachts of various sizes, but also tenders and dinghies. His clients include shipyards such as Rio Yachts, Rose Island, Dariel Yacht, Castoldi Jet Tender, I.C. Yachts, Sedna Yachts and many others. His new video is a fascinating journey into the world of nautical design, showing how an initial sketch can give rise to a project that is complex and comprehensive in every detail. Among the most significant boats that bear his signature are the Granturismo 60, the flagship of the Rio Yachts shipyard, and an original 100 footer that will be launched soon, designed for the Brazilian shipyard Sedna Yachts.

Under the French brand Icon Craft he is also developing a line of sports boats from 22 to 40 feet, as well as taking care of some custom projects in the nautical and residential sector. His unmistakable style translates into clean, precise exterior lines that define streamlined boats with large, uninterrupted windows. Balance and proportion characterize the exteriors, free from curved lines and frills. The simple furnishings often call on the combination of various materials: leather panels, with details in steel and fine woods. The interplay of light and contrasting shades further enrich and embellish the rooms.

Photo and video by Marino Alfani Design

Igor Lobanov
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