MedCorner in the USA

by Yachts Croatia

United States Sailboat Show

Tino Prosenik tells us about how he established a ‘window’ for Croatian and European charter operators in the USA. A forward-thinking idea, that was a great success last year and is continuing to grow this year

The Annapolis show is by far the most enjoyable and useful boat show in the States. In the beautiful town of Annapolis, one can find leisure and business going hand in hand. The show has two sections, boat charter and boat sales. It will take place in two weeks time. As a Croatian, boat charter was my main point of interest. I had been visiting the United States Sailboat Show for a couple of years before I decided to exhibit there. At first glance, I was charmed by the town’s quaint appearance, its southeastern flare and the nautical temperament, deeply imbedded in absolutely everything you see. Annapolis is a pilgrimage for over 100,000 boat show visitors, who are much more than ordinary walk-ins. According to statistics, half of them earn between $100,000 and $200,000 annually, while another 20%, between $250,000 and $1,000,000. A demographic most boat shows can only dream about.


The MedCorner goal is to educate visitors about sailing in the Mediterranean areas and promote European charter companies

Especially popular is the ‘Vacation basin’, dedicated to boat chartering and charter boat ownership, where all the major Caribbean charter fleets are represented. In 2016, we set up the Mediterranean Corner, an exhibit intending to promote European charter companies. It immediately became an official part of the Sailboat Show. We presented ten European fleet operators. Despite hurricane Matthew, the MedCorner tent got over 2,000 visitors over five days, with over 1,000 of them leaving their email contacts. Our exhibitors from Croatia, Greece, Italy and Turkey were very pleased with the results. The Annapolis’ strong pull on yacht lovers will surely continue to grow and we are not going to miss it; MedCorner 2017 is already fully booked.

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