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Mistral Stand-UP Paddle board – Fits into yacht storage space

Mistral presents a brand new inflatable WindSUP – with a portable Sail – complete rig. The WindSUP CrossOver line is worldwide the first inflatable Standup Paddle Board with a adjustable mast-track position, made in the new superlight technology. The movable mast-track-plate guaranties a perfect trimming for all conditions, like different wind speed, variety of different sail sizes and different body weights. Because of the unbelievable super-light technology (board has only 7,5 kg) those boards are accelerating super fast on the water. The CrossOver WindSUP are available in two size 10’0 and 11’0.

The company also developed an easy sail line for WindSUP (complete rig). The fantastic idea behind is the super portable pack size of those complete rigs. Because of four piece mast and a two piece boom, the pack size of this complete rig is only one meter short bag witch fits perfectly to any yacht storage space. Mistral Sail are available in sizes 3,0m2 – 4,5m2 – 5,3m2. www.sport-vibrations.com


Mistral Stand-UP Paddle board

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