Monte Carlo Yachts shows MCY 76

by Yachts Croatia

Monte Carlo Yachts will have on display its latest model MCY 76 at Boot Düsseldorf. The MCY 76, launched at Cannes Yachting Festival in autumn, is the next embodiment of Monte Carlo Yachts’ first ever yacht. It stands for the company’s ongoing, organic evolution, which seeks to maintain its authentic, elegant and timeless appeal while continuously improving and innovating upon its prized core characteristics and defining traits. At 23.06 m, the new MCY 76 offers increased unique customization opportunities in its size category, a trait shared with the MCY 70 and MCY 66, alongside the even greater exposure to natural light afforded by the wider windows for an even increased personal relationship with the sea. Moreover, MCY will announce the lunch of the new MCY Enclosed Collection, already anticipate in the Press Conference at last Cannes.

Photo & Video by Monte Carlo Yachts

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