Neva Chair Is an Artisan Icon


The Neva chair is an elegant combination of modern technology and master craftsmanship whose unique design sends a message of universal values and beauty

Good design is honest, unobtrusive, environmentally friendly, innovative and inspiring. Design is not just a matter of aesthetics, but should also provide an exquisite emotional experience. At Artisan, that emotional experience begins with a passionate approach to both wood as material, and high-end furniture. From the tree to the chair, the wood travels from hand to hand of master furniture makers, and each piece they design carries an artistic signature worthy of the noble natural material from which it was made.

This is photo of a Neva chair sketch

The Neva chair was designed in 2012, by Marija Ružić Vukmanić and Ruđer Novak-Mikulić from the Regular Company agency, and debuted at the IMM Cologne fair in January 2013. Since then, it has been an Artisan bestseller, as confirmed by numerous awards, such as the Interior Innovation Award 2015, the nomination for the German Design Award 2016, and the Design Intelligence Award 2016.

This is photo of chair in Artisan production

The sensual and fluid forms of the Neva chair are expressed in soft, angular edges and transitional lines. The sloping, rounded backrest flows like a waterfall into the armrests, creating a single continuous line that descends all the way to the front legs. In addition to being ergonomic, the delicate surfaces invite further tactile exploration. The wooden joints are reinforced in all the right places, keeping the chair as light as possible, but stable and functional.

This is photo of a Artisan Neva chairs

The Neva chair is available in seven different types of wood (oak, American or European walnut, maple, ash, elm and cherry), and in various natural finishes (oils and soaps). The seat can be maid in solid wood or upholstered in leather or fabric. The Neva collection was greatly inspired by natural shapes and the simplicity and elegance of wood in nature.

Modern wood shaping and carving technologies like CNC have enabled the introduction of more complex shapes in serial production, and in the spirit of Artisan production, Neva collection is produced using modern methods of wood design and processing and craftsmanship.

This is photo of a Neva at Harvest restaurant

Thanks to its timeless design, the Neva chair is popular all over the world, and can be seen in many famous restaurants, hotels and private spaces, such as premium Starbucks Reserve bars in Los Angeles, Milan and Paris, Jean Georges in 4Seasons resort in Dubai, Mila in Miami, Harvest in St. Petersburg or Piu in Zurich.

Good design has universal value and beauty that transcend all trends.

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