Original Riva Experience Collection Gifts for Christmas


The Riva Experience collection of accessories and design items offers new gift ideas of rare beauty, characterised by excellence, craftsmanship and exquisite detailing, to help us feel and remember the sea at Christmas wherever we are.

In line with the inspiring ‘Riva inside, inside Riva‘ philosophy, certain stylistic features of the maritime tradition, such as steel and mahogany and the colour aquamarine, are employed in the design of home decor and collectors’ items and in the mood of timelessly elegant garments and accessories.

To surprise family and friends with items already iconic in the eyes of collectors and fans, here are the new gift solutions from new Riva Brand Experience collection for Christmas 2020.

Multi-purpose ChestThis is photo of a Riva Experience Collection Baule Multifunzionale

Riva’s large multi-purpose chest, made of grooved mahogany and impeccable down to the smallest details, is ideal for items that need rapid sanitisation and to be stored somewhere clean, whether on a boat, next to a swimming pool or in the hall at home. Refined and useful, it also has an important anti-microbial function: its insides are treated using the latest generation ‘ESI antimicrobial system’, a technology that rapidly eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi. Elegant, practical and original, Riva’s large multi-purpose chest is also a perfect gift for those with an insatiable passion for this legendary boatyard, famous all over the world.

BackgammonThis is photo of a Riva Experience Collection Backgammon

The Riva Backgammon set isn’t just a game but a genuine work of art available in two versions: one with an exterior covering in aquamarine mambo fabric and the other in blue leather. In both cases, the mahogany and maple construction is a jewel of craftsmanship, with a steel Riva logo either inlaid or, in the more luxurious leather model, with a ‘transparency’ effect. The white and aquamarine dice and pieces have mahogany inlays and show the same passion for detail that makes the world’s most coveted yachts so inimitable.

Tibaldi for Riva PensThis is photo of a Riva Experience Collection Roller Pen

For collectors and fans of handwriting instruments, Riva partners with Tibaldi to offer a limited edition of just 15 pieces: five cream colour roller pens, five Roman bronze roller pens and five precious Roman bronze colour fountain pens. Unique in their detailing too, the paints are the same as those used on the yachts, designed to guarantee strength and extreme durability. And then the clips are shaped like Riva cleats (the fittings on a ship’s deck used to secure ropes), featuring a sophisticated spring mechanism for effortless attachment to the pocket.

‘Riva in the Movie’ BookThis is photo of a Riva Experience Collection Riva in the Movie Book

‘Riva in the Movie’ is a book of extraordinary photos and detailed reviews documenting the numerous films in which Riva boats have played an important, and often leading, role alongside Italian and international film stars. 300 pages, 39 films with their original posters, 300 set and backstage photographs, 77 actresses and 110 actors: a precious and enthralling book that cleverly interweaves the stories of the cinema and modern boating.

Cashmere CapThis is a photo of a Riva Experience Collection Cashmere Cap

Soft, light and water-repellent, the Riva cashmere cap embodies the excellence of Borgo Cashmere, one of Italy’s top craft manufacturers in the sector. Based on the classic navy-blue sailor’s beanie, this is perfect for the cold season but thanks to its lightness can be worn in spring too. Also available in aquamarine. The chromed metal Riva logo on both versions is a seal of quality and exclusiveness.

For all gifts visit www.rivaboutique.it or ask more Riva’s official and excluisive dealer MennYacht Group.

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