Pink Wing

by Yachts Croatia

Pink Wing – The fun starts in June

150 automotive enthusiasts in 80 luxury sports cars and over 350 accompanying staff are going to drive through major Croatian cities with the aim to promote Croatian beauty, towns, regions; to connect continental and coastal Croatia, present our national parks and best roads…

Our magazine has the opportunity to get an exclusive insight into the development of a unique regional tourist, culinary and automotive project entitled Pink Wing. Today we bring you the details of this lifestyle event, as the organizers like to call it. They tell us that Pink Wing is by no means a race or a rally. It is taking place from 17th to 19th June, covering a total of five Croatian counties. The organizers say that this is a long-term project positioning Croatia on the global map of high-end destinations, offering a new type of active vacation to wealthy clientele from the business world. A fusion of socializing and travelling through different destinations within an active vacation, gives the possibility of visiting places you would never have time to visit, all this in the company of your peers and with opportunity for personal and business contact. All Pink Wing participants have one thing in common – they own pricey sports cars. This year’s event will mainly host local participants, with a number of gusts from the region and Western Europe. The Pink Wing project certainly does not lack originality, and ideas like lunch and dinner in a city or national park, or breakfast at a fortress add to the charm of this event. The starting point in Zagreb is one of the most beautiful: it is the ring around the Croatian National Theatre. The motorcade will embark on its unique journey precisely at noon. They will start towards the motorway. The first part of the route will finish in the town of Senj, with organized lunch on the waterfront walkway.

Pink Wing

The first Pink Wing sports car race will put Croatia on the luxury destination map of the world

The journey will continue on the most delightful route of this event – the Adriatic Tourist Road. With the return on the motorway by the Maslenica National Park, all the way to the Krka rest area, the second stage ends, and the convoy drives into the centre of Šibenik. After dinner in the main town park, with Dalmatian culinary delights, the participants are invited as guests at the Miss Croatia pageant, concluding the day in their final destination in D-Resort hotel. Saturday is reserved for a day trip to Zadar where the luxury sports vehicles will pose parked on the Monument to the Sun and by the Sea Organ. Meanwhile the party will have a lovely alfresco lunch in the town centre, at the location known as the 5 wells. Upon return from Zadar to D-Resort in Šibenik, a gala dinner will follow, entitled Black Tie Party, organised by the hotel only for the participants of the Pink Wing, where they will, besides tasting the chef’s exquisite cuisine and exclusive drinks, take part in the charity part of the event to raise funds for children in need. After dinner there will be fireworks and an unforgettable after party at the hotel. Sunday will begin with breakfast on the Barone fortress, overlooking the Šibenik archipelago and the old town; and preparations for the return to Zagreb. Before returning to the starting point, the party will have lunch in the Plitvice National Park. As agreed with the Mayor of Zagreb Mr Milan Bandić, the return of the Pink Wing luxury motorcade will be greeted by Zagreb with a big concert by the newly built fountains.

Pink Wing

The entire idea behind the Pink Wing project lies on only four extraordinary people

The entire idea behind the Pink Wing project, organization and logistical-operative part lies on only four extraordinary people. Marko Fratrić and Mario Petric are in charge of the participants’ organization, routes, and all activities related to the driving aspect. Kristijan Semulić, with his experience in organizing and managing automotive events, takes care of logistics needed for perfect organization of the event. Robert Bajs is the man for entertainment, PR, and all project marketing activities. The expert associate of the event is also involved: Christian Springer, the leading person at Porsche for 17 years, and who better than the licensed Porsche instructor to examine the vehicles. The Pink Wing project for 2017 is already being prepared – the plan is to make it last a few more days, with more participants and more cars; and with the goal to promote Croatia in parts of the world which might not be familiar with all the beauty this country has to offer.

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