Premium Electric Surfboard

by Yachts Croatia

An electric surfboard that embodies exhilaration, excitement and satisfaction, regardless of the rider’s previous experience

The electric surfboard from the Swedish premium electric watercraft manufacturer ‘Awake’ in Limhamn, Sweden, is redefining high-performance mobility on water. The Rävik thrusts riders up to speeds of 56 kph in mere seconds. The board also offers four different power settings to ensure maximum exhilaration and satisfaction for any rider, regardless of age, skills or previous experience. The development team at Awake focuses on performance, design, and usability.

Awake Water Toy

Premium electric surfboard manufacturer Awake promises a next-level experience when it comes to water sports. And you don’t need to be an elite athlete

The hydrodynamic properties of the hull ensure complete control and ease-of-use whether the rider chooses to ride the Rävik flat on their stomach, on their knees or standing up. Awake’s mobile application enables a safe, exciting and satisfying experience for any user. There are four different power settings: Kids, Eco, Sport and Extreme. Just connect your phone to the Rävik through the app, set the desired power output, and you are ready to go.

Photos & video by Awake

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