Project Orca: Concept inspired by killer whale

by Yachts Croatia

The harmony between curved and straight lines, nature and technology, gives shape to a unique 65-metre Explorer Yacht with strong Supply Vessel characteristics. Innovation has always been inspired by nature and how we adapt to it, especially the challenging conditions at sea. Project ‘Orca’ is a shining example of this inspiration and adaptation. These traits are clearly evident in the robust profle with its wrap-around glazing, bold superstructure styling and a radar mast resembling a tall dorsal fn. And if there any further doubt, there is even a classic white side patch of an orca at the owner’s deck level that lights up at night. Project ‘Orca’ is the result of a collaboration between two expert groups in the marine feld. Rosetti Superyachts is part of Rosetti Marino SpA, a key player in the construction of high-tech working vessels, with access to exceptional facilities, including a 160-metre dry dock and two 100-metre construction hangars. Meccano Engineering has been providing specialised engineering and consultancy services to the marine, shipbuilding and energy sectors for the last 20 years.

‘The organic design traits mimic the orca or killer whale, the largest and most powerful member of the dolphin family. Instantly recognisable by their distinctive black-and-white colouring, these sea mammals roam the world’s oceans from the Arctic and Antarctic to the Tropics, which is exactly what our Explorer Yacht is designed to do’, CEO of Rosetti Superyachts Fulvio Dodich said.

Photo & video by Rosetti

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