Russian football roulette


The power of football is best indicated through World Championship data: almost half of the world population – 3,2 billion of people watched Brazil Championship

Hosting World Football Championship in the last two decades has become title of prestige and power. 02 December increased level awareness of the Russians, when FIFA chose them over England, joint projects of Belgium, Netherlands, as well as Spain and Portugal. After organizing luxury-record-breaking Olympic Games in Sochi and featured the biggest doping affair in history, Russia has spread its wings when it comes to organizing Football Championship. The world of sport has evolved and left behind the figure of speech ‘Bread and circuses’, this world implies now plasma TV, caviar and Champaign. Nowadays football has become the most profitable corporation sport where players act like celebrities. ‘Today the popularity rate of football stars equals the one of the musicians and football clubs match music bands’ fame. Local community as a base is replaced by international platform aiming at commercialization fulfilling the essential element of today’s football – money’, concluded full-time professors from Faculty of Political Sciences Marin Mustapić and Benjamin Perasović during football forum dedicated to the secrets of modern football.

World Cup Russia
The world championship venues are in eleven cities. The opening ceremony is scheduled for June 14, and the finale for July 15

So, it is no wonder FIFA has reached down the pocket and increased 12 percent prize money in comparison to the financial support representatives shared four years ago at Mundial in Brazil. The Russian football roulette weighs 400 million dollars, while back in 2014 it weighed 358 million dollars. The ranking itself is financially benevolent. Each of 32 national teams has gained eight million dollars for successfully performed qualifications and another million and a half for covering expenses. The new world champion shall get FIFA’s 38 million dollars; hence the national associations shall hold on to this amount. Flow of the sponsor money, flow of the TV rights, the money from the souvenirs has long ago surpassed smaller states’ budgets. The biggest attractions are the grand stars which is obvious from the data released by the France Football stating that Leo Messi has earned, taking into account gross earnings, bonuses and marketing activities, 126 million euro ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid (94 million) and Neymar da Silva from PSG (81,5).

World Cup Russia
The Russian football roulette weighs 400 million dollars

This is the first time in the last 20 years since France Football releases list of the best paid that a football player has crossed the borderline of 100 million euro. Not only earnings on the field are going wild, TV companies fight over analysts that will nail the audience to the TV screen even after the games finish. So according to the English media Jose Mourinho has managed to arrange marvellous pocket money for only four-day-work. A Russian TV is ready to pay Portuguese’s expertise 1,9 million euro. Once the World Championship gets going all organizational troubles, political games, money will be forgotten…The tournament has its own story with Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Modrić on the frontline…The imperial game shall take the world over in more than a month. And it will be spectacular… Some commentators go so far and compare sport enthusiasm with love feelings. Every victory, every goal, each defeat result in fans’ emotions. Football at the stadium unites the seemingly incompatible – old, young, rich and poor. As a famous Russian composer Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich said: ‘Football is a ballet of masses.’ The power of football is evident from the last World Football Championship, almost half of the world population (3,2 billion of people) followed the Brazil tournament.

  • 32 national teams playing in Russia
  • 12 years since the last tournament in Europe (Germany 2006)
  • 180 million euro for the most expensive players (Messi and Neymar)
  • 1,07 billion euro for the most expensive national teams of the World Championship – France

Photos by AFP Photo/Adidas/Arsen Galstyan, Iliya Pitalev/Sputnik & Shutterstock

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