Sanlorenzo 50Steel: Perfect Mix of Sustainability and Technology

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New ideas need space, vision and courage. The pioneering spirit and passion that drive Sanlorenzo take shape in 50Steel, a new superyacht line conceived in perfect coherence with the group’s driving values: sustainability and technology.

Sanlorenzo 50Steel introduces two innovations, destined to mark the history of the nautical industry: the HER system, a revolutionary on-board concept that has made it possible to obtain additional space by modifying the boat’s traditional layout and the Green Methanol Fuel Cell system, developed by the shipyard in collaboration with Siemens Energy.

At the heart of this pioneering innovation, the engine room has been given a new layout. From two occupied levels, there is a move to a horizontal development of the propulsion equipment and a new distribution of the technical area on the lower deck. An additional salon is created here, the Ocean Lounge in direct connection, on one side, with the large aft Beach Club with swimming pool, and on the other with the guest area, where the cabins are joined by a GYM area and a SPA area.

The 50Steel will also be the first Superyacht project in the world to accommodate the modular Reformer – Fuel Cell system, capable of transforming green methanol into hydrogen and then into electricity to power all the yacht’s hotellerie equipment, and eventually recharge the batteries, without storing the hydrogen on board.

A revolutionary solution, which will allow the vessel to generate electricity up to a maximum of 100kW, with propulsion engines and diesel generator inactive: the system, totally carbon neutral, significantly extends the time spent at anchor without consuming diesel fuel, covering around 90% of the typical utilisation time of a superyacht in zero emissions.

The exterior of this innovative superyacht was designed by Zuccon International Project. 50Steel is developed on four staggered levels, generating ambiences with considerable volumes and minimising partitions and barriers. This new and disruptive interior architecture is imperceptible from the external profile, which maintains a clean and essential line, in perfect Sanlorenzo style.

Ascending five steps from the Ocean Lounge, one reaches the main deck and the heart of 50Steel, consisting of a large and sophisticated salon, custodian of life on board. The stairs, designed to let the light filter through, run through the interior of the yacht, connecting the different areas, from the gym and spa area on the lower deck to the second salon on the upper deck.

In the middle there is the dining room, which, thanks to the layout opportunities, takes on an unprecedented dimension on the 50Steel: net heights range from 2.1 metres to 3.35 metres.

The alteration of the traditional layout of the spaces made it possible to optimise every corner of the yacht: the Sanlorenzo 50Steel accommodates four guest cabins and one designated for the owner as well as two swimming pools on the Beach Club aft and on the sun deck respectively.

The connection between the spaces is also exalted on the exterior: the three upper levels communicate by means of a series of stairs, with a maximum difference in height of one and a half metres, which do not affect the profile of the yacht. Remaining consistent with the principle of maximum liveability of the spaces that characterise Sanlorenzo yachts, the Beach Club at the stern, with its three open terraces, becomes in anchor mode a 120 square metre beach on the sea.

Sanlorenzo 50Steel beach club

The dialogue between the environments is also achieved thanks to Piero Lissoni’s concept, who designed the interior of the first unit. By reinventing classic styles of the past in a contemporary way, the Sanlorenzo art director has created spaces permeated with a sophisticated air conferred by elements such as coffered ceilings and dark timber panelled walls.

For this complex and challenging project, Piero Lissoni used 3D technology for the first time, which allowed the technical model developed by Sanlorenzo to be superimposed on the architectural model, ensuring a high degree of control over every detail.

50Steel is a transversal, cutting-edge project that testifies to Sanlorenzo’s concrete commitment to the protection of the environment, the responsible development of its vessels and the utmost attention to remaining a pioneer in technological innovation.

Photos Sanlorenzo

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