Saving lives with Seabob Rescue

by Yachts Croatia

Seabob Rescue – the only rescue vehicle worldwide for operations on and under water

The success of rescue operations depends heavily on the people who carry them out and the technical possibilities that are immediately available to them in case of an emergency. The Seabob Rescue is worldwide the only rescue vehicle that is suitable for rescue operations both above and below the water and thus the ideal life saving device for all emergency situations. Whether in inland waters or the open sea – with the Seabob Rescue, rescue workers save valuable energy that is urgently needed for saving human lives.

The technology at its core is the jet-propulsion unit – made of firstclass materials such as carbon, high-quality ceramic coatings and saltwater-resistant special metals. The Seabob Rescue is approved for air transport and suitable for use in international disaster areas. With its low overall weight, its high performance E-jet power drive, the vehicle’s robust body, many useful connection options for multiple types of rescue equipment and finally due to its mobility, making it independent of stationary rescue and starting points, it is the ideal helper in an emergency situation.

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