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Yacht Excellence 01 Naval design

Andrew Winch interview: Wizard of design

Super talented yacht designer Andrew Winch explains a bit of his magic, seeing the future with clear idea to create not only beautiful but also …

Igor Lobanov Naval design

Igor Lobanov: A studio for the future

Driven by the desire to see more beauty in the world, Igor Lobanov designs modern sculptures, always prioritizing proportion and integrity Founded in 2007, Lobanov …

Nikola Krasic Portrait 01 Interviews

Nikola Krasić

‘Croatian champion’ Dufour is slowly, but surely becoming one of the most popular charter-sailboat makers in the world – and in Croatia, thanks to their …

Guy West Fashion

Guy West

A mile in my shoes… Inspired by boats, cars and a healthy fascination with hell raisers-including Bowie, Bauhaus, Warhol and the Lords Dashwood and Rochester- …

Fabrizio Iarrera Yachting

Fabrizio Iarrera

MCY going bigger, stronger and – Croatian With the Monte Carlo Yachts having an international success and with their flagship, and the 105 ready to …

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