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Ivan Dikic Interviews

Ivan Đikić: Science Is Contagious

One of the most successful Croatian scientists and a Professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt Ivan Đikić has dedicated his career to treating tumor diseases …

RB Global Projects Yachting

R&B successful international transfer

R&B Global Projects Croatia R&B Global Projects Croatia, a company specializing in Project transport of commodities and Heavy cargoes, has finished yet another successful international …

Marinetek Marinas

Made in Šibenik

The list of big projects Marinetek successfully worked on includes the recently built Portonovi resort in Montenegreo, as well as re-building of the ACI marina …

Sport Concept Luxury

Golf for everyone

Golf Range Concept consists of a mini golf course and a golf range which includes all elements of a professional golf course, suitable both for …

This is a photography of Croatian molecular biologist Igor Štagljar Interviews

Igor Štagljar: Scientific laborer

One of the world’s leading molecular biologists Igor Štagljar and his team have come close to curing one of the worst diseases of modern days …

RB Global Projects 01 Yachting

R&B Global Projects Ltd. Croatia

The couple-team successfully constructed quite a number of tailor-made contracts towards clients, covering door-to-door transport, highlighting the special needs for each client Since 1999, when …

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