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Spirit of Mediterranean

Čikat Hotels

Unique vacation in Čikat cove

The most beautiful cove on Lošinj island The island of Lošinj, with its mild Mediterranean climate, has been a popular wellness spot since 1892. One …

Gorski Kotar Destinations

Unfairly forgotten Gorski kotar

‘Hunting’ bears There where the sun bathes its face in clear rivers and lakes, and the sky endlessly stretches across the canyon, and there where …

Homo Croaticus Croatia

Homo Croaticus

Reflections of times gone by Croatia is a place of old culture, priceless cultural heritage and a top tourist destination, whose guests are often surprised …

Zipline Omiš Adventure

Zipline over Cetina river

Adrenalin adventure Just off Omiš, in intact nature overlooking the river Cetina canyon daredevil action of soaring downhill on a zipline has been designed Zipline …

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