The Art of Ship Building Is Back Home

by Yachts Croatia

Venice Boat Show 2019

Venice Boat Show, which will spread across the fabulous Venice Arsenale from June 18 to 23, has been strongly supported by the City of Venice, led by its Mayor Mr. Luigi Brugnaro. The organizer has chosen as location the historic shipyard where ships that gave power to the Venetian Republic throughout the navigable world were built. That space is an early example of industrial production whose roots stem back to the 16th century, when the need for ships was a daily requirement. Yachts built by leading Italian and foreign shipyards will be on display along the docks of the Arsenale, while equipment, accessories and engine systems will find their home in Tese. These locations will provide a unique setting that modern exhibition pavilions lack.

Salone Venecia 2019

The heart of the show is the Arsenale, symbol of the ‘Serenissima’ Republic power and military prowess and the core heart of its naval industry

The Arsenale will be opened for visitors through the Ship Pavilion, section of the Historical Naval Museum, allowing access from the monumental entrance and giving visitors an incredible first impression of the show. The spotlight of the show will be Venetian shipbuilding in all of its aspects and facets: visitors will be able to admire traditional, typical lagoon boats, as well as civilian, military and police water crafts, including several larger boats, all testifying to the great collaboration between the Venice Boat Show and the authorities, especially the Navy. For the duration of the show, the Venice naval base will be open to the public and the Naval Museum display will be expanded, allowing visits to the Dandolo submarine, thanks to the collaboration with Vela and the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. It is worth mentioning that visitors can arrive to the show by sea and drop the anchor in one of the various marinas partnering with the Venice Boat Show. www.salonenautico

Photos by Vela Spa

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