The Custodian of the Iconic Riva Design

by Yachts Croatia

Officina Italiana Design celebrates its 25th anniversary and consolidates its presence in the megayacht world

Since 1994, Officina Italiana Design has enjoyed an exclusive partnership with the legendary Riva yard which continues the latter’s century-long tradition of creating iconic designs that have made its boats synonymous with elegance, status and perfection. Mauro Micheli, co-founder and chief designer of Officina Italiana Design, has been the custodian of the design of the world’s most iconic yachts for 35 years as he began his design career in the Riva style centre in 1984. So this is a double anniversary for him! ‘Designing a Riva isn’t an ambition or an end in itself. The real challenge is creating something that is in step with the times – contemporary – yet also follows Riva tradition. This is my world. It is part of me,’ says dice Mauro Micheli who founded studio Officina Italiana Design with Sergio Beretta. Clean lines, meticulous detailing, beautifully balanced volumes, carefully selected materials and colours are the greatest strengths of the yachts designed by Officina Italiana Design and also underpin the studio’s philosophy.

Officina Italiana 01

Riva 110 Dolcevita

Recently, Officina Italiana Design designed the lines of several craft that hailed the studio’s entry to the megayacht world in no uncertain terms: the recently launched Riva 50m Race, and the presentation of two medium-large craft, the Riva 90 Argo and the Riva 110 Dolcevita. March of this year also brought the launch of the 64-metre Attila 64Steel for Sanlorenzo (with exterior lines by Officina Italiana Design). All of the aforementioned yachts have their own very unique character, however, boasting ultra-clean lines melded with flawless volumetric and formal balance. ‘We adore clean, rigorous design. We don’t want dazzle with special effects. Quite the contrary – we try to create things that will never go out of fashion. We design for ‘the few’ and we have a duty, moral included, to create excellence,’ conclude Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta.

Officina Italiana 00

Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta in front of the art work Ciclo 61/62 N.4 by Emilio Vedova

Photos Riva and Alberto Merisio

Sunreef Rendezvous
New Frauscher 1414 Demon Air