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The unique organization for the Adriatic region is setting and promoting high standards in yachting business attracting professionals from different sectors of the industry but also having ocean protection as one of the pillars of their activities

At the end of the last year we saw the birth of the Adriatic Yachting Association (AYA) as the first yachting association in Adriatic area. The aims of AYA are high, but walking with small steps at a time (being a fully voluntarily organization) to reach the ambition goals which AYA, lead by president Nizar Tagi, has outlined. It is not correct to call it ‘Adriatic MYBA’, but the association tends to be the standard setter for the yachting industry of the region. The Adriatic Yachting Association is an advocate of business growth in the Adriatic with networking, service quality guidance and advocacy of the preservation of the Adriatic Sea as a common resource to all its members. They provide support, structure and a unified voice for area yachting related businesses and crew, with a focus on making a positive contribution to the local community. AYA’s code of ethics is of the highest level and its members must abide to the following principles and values: honesty, integrity, promise-keeping & trustworthiness, loyalty, fairness, concern for others, respect for others, law abiding, commitment to excellence, leadership, reputation and morale & accountability.

Founding an association such as AYA was the matter of time and intelligence

The goals of the association are many and the ‘noble’ list of their tasks is to represent the views of AYA members to local, state and regional government officials in order to promote and improve the climate for yachting businesses, to provide networking that will increase yachting traffic and investments into the region, to provide a friendly atmosphere and encouragement to members and advocate business between them, to exchange information affecting AYA members and their businesses, to advocate the preservation of the Adriatic Sea and create or engage in projects that will help promote clean, pollution-free waters, even to bring together Adriatic yachting crew and advocate their interests and to facilitate all yachting clients demands at the Adriatic and promote companies that provide honesty, integrity and highest level of professionalism at the Adriatic. This initiative attracted the attention of many who find yachting as their way of life, including many professionals who work and live outside of Adriatic region like some of the best known Captains with origins from the countries that AYA covers. The nationality of members is Croatian, Slovenian, Montenegrin and even some Italian, Dutch and Turkish, but the real connection between these is not the nationality but love and respect for the Adriatic region and yachting. At the initiative from very agile Montenegro branch of AYA, we have already seen some sea cleaning action as environmental care is one of the key goals of AYA. But real future of this very young association is still to come. With first digital communication steps, AYA is on the right track to have real visibility even this summer and during the Monaco yachting show this year. The list of the members has doubled since last year with country-dedicated and specialized branches under development. It is actually exciting to watch various businessmen from different spheres of yachting to sit together and discuss the possible future developments of Adriatic region. We are sure working in a good direction will bring positive results and we wish AYA a safe passage to the waters of maturity as a unique organization in our area.

Adriatic is one of the yachting destinations of the Med that attracts more and more yachts

Text Darko Šupuk

Photos Mario Jelavić & Darko Šupuk

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