World’s first diamond-coated yacht

by Yachts Croatia

Keizer Yachts introduced a different approach

The Dutch brand Keizer Yachts presented the Keizer 42, first-ever yacht with diamond coating. Thanks to the diamond coating, the yacht has a unique aesthetic appearance with multichromatic reflection. This effect is superior to any current metallic coatings and is the result of millions of diamond crystals. The yacht which officially debut in Monaco shows the possibilities available to customize the Keizer 42 entirely to meet customers’ wishes.

Keizer Yachts, Keizer 42

A beautiful design, practical interior and superior performance of the Keizer 42

The hull is painted in diamond blue, the roof arches in diamond silver and it also features wooden details which are also painted on. It combines the spaciousness of a more traditional yacht with the sporty presence of a classic runabout. Its modern driveline is highly efficient, which results in a long range and its sailing performance is unrivalled. Keizer Yachts offers the option to choose your favourite upholstery, colour scheme and equipment in its extensive customization programme.

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