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Adria Libar

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Adria Libar Commercial Master Training

After years of training seafarers in various fields, Šibenik-based Adria Libar received great recognition from the Belgian Ministry, whose yacht skippers will now be educated …

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Adria Libar: Excellence is not just a skill, it’s professional attitude

There are many skills one needs to master to be successful in the charter industry – being welcoming, thinking of safety, being excellent at organizing, …

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Luxury Yachting Jobs: Being a Yachtie Just Might Be Your Dream Job

Luxury Yacht Crew Training prepares candidates for jobs in the luxurious world of yachting, allowing them to work for even most demanding guests Superyachts, the …

Luka Grubisic Interviews

Luka Grubišić: Life of a Superyacht Chef

The Croatian chef Luka Grubišić has been preparing meals for luxury boat owners for several years ‘My name is Luka Grubišić and I am an …

Nena Kriska 02 Interviews

Nena Kriška: Golden Tips for a Career in Yachting

Nena Kriška walked the deck of yachts big and small – and biggest. Born and raised in Split, she has built an impressive career, and …

Adria Libar Yachting

Yacht & Wine program at the Biograd Boat Show

Yacht Training Centar Adria Libar As part of this year’s Biograd Boat Show, Yacht Training Centar Adria Libar will on October 20 give educational presentations …

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