Custom Line Navetta 30 Review: The Art of Sailing

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Charming new interiors and a third deck are what most people will recognize this beauty for, but the five-cabin new Custom Line Navetta 30 is much more interesting than that – it is a fresh proof that Custom Line dominates navetta yachts corner of the market

Although announced almost one year before the official launch, the new Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 30 seems to have just shown up on the scene unexpectedly. Set to debut in Croatia of all places – in Rovinj, to our pleasure – the yacht was presented in November 2020, in the new ACI Marina at the footsteps of the Grand Hotel Park.

New Custom Line Navetta 30 debuted in Rovinj

This is a photography of ACI marina Rovinj
The world premiere of the Custom Line Navetta 30 was organized by MennYacht Group, one of the leaders in the nautical business, with more than 25 years of experience. Photo: MennYacht Group

At the event, organized by MennYacht Group, we were able to make the new Custom Line Navetta 30 review and to take her for a test ride around the Rovinj waters. What a great recognition of Croatia as one of the up and coming yachting destinations – thank you, MennYacht and Custom Line for making this happen even in these complicated Covid-19 times!

Custom Line yachts have been one of the cornerstones of the success of Ferretti Group in the last period and seeing how well Navetta 33, Navetta 37 and Navetta 42 did for themselves, a lot of pressure was surely put on the Navetta 30 to repeat their success.

Even knowing that, Custom Line Navetta 30 exceeded our most daring expectations. With the yacht we were privileged to test in Rovinj, the Italian builder leave their comfort zone and show us what future could look like.

The latest Custom Line Navetta 30 project is the smallest yacht in the famous Navetta line

Exterior of the Custom Line Navetta 30

The interior is charming, to say the least; well connected with the marine environment through design and functionality of the spaces and stretched over a new third deck – yes, the new Navetta is a tri-deck!

The exterior doesn’t stray much from the family-style, some will say it took the best from the previous 28 meter model and combined it with ‘family’ styling of the Custom Line Navetta 33. Anyway, clever lines mask the true size (and width) of the 130-tonne yacht – but… But then there are the details.

Custom Line Navetta 30 Cruising 01
The Custom Line Navetta 30 is ideal for travelling long distances with low fuel consumption and performance at the top of its class

Designed by Filippo Salvetti and Piero Ferrari (the largest private shareholder of Ferretti Group), new Custom Line Navetta 30 has that certain something, a soul that can’t be attributed to one element or details – maybe it’s the visible exterior elements in teak, maybe it’s the stainless steel square railing, maybe it’s the fireworks of ideas that explodes in the interior, or maybe it’s all of that in synergy.

Design inspired by the sea

While we’re at the subject of the interior, designers Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel were obviously inspired by the sea, as every shape and line seems to copy the shapes and liens of the marine environment. Their inspiration is easily recognizable from the moment you step aboard.

In the aft cockpit, the large white and blue teak sofa, and a small coffee table send a clear massage – no eating here, just relaxing – and this message of ‘joie de vivre’ on board of the new yacht is interpreted with care and a lot of style on every corner.

This is a photography of custom line navetta 30 sundeck
Custom Line Navetta 30 sundeck

It is connected with similar lines and marine atmosphere and repeated where possible. On the upper deck, and the third deck, the setup of the decks is similar with almost identical sofas and the message designers send with it very simple: chill.

Inside Custom Line’s new yacht

Into the main salon, you’ll notice ‘large excess’ of natural light and natural wood somehow blending together. Although at first, we believed the wood to be teak, we were informed it was indeed oak wood, used to create warmth and treated to last in the harsh marine environment without losing its sheen.

Natural materials are used throughout the yacht – wood, leather, even rope, shipyard names it as the living materials. And harmonize well with the colour scheme based on pastels and marine blue and few surprises you will find covering bulkheads.

This is a photography of Custom Line Navetta 30 salon
Natural, living materials like leather, wood and rope were chosen for the interior of the new Custom Line Navetta 30

All in all, the interior of the new Custom Line Navetta 30 is unique in aesthetic and has very gentle flow while excelling in the harmony of colours and materials – the real artistic touch based on the sea metaphor. The free-standing pieces of furniture were also designed by Citterio and Viel, who have once again avoided harsh liens and went for soft and wavy, round shapes are repeated everywhere, even on wooden window frames.

If you know anything about wood, design or yachts, you’ll understand curved wooden window frames on a yacht are easier imagined than made, but Custom Line has never shied away from bold moves – allow us to gently remind you these yachts are made in the same hardcore yard responsible for building rebellious CRN yachts.

As for those wooden windows frames and other wooden elements in delicate wavy shapes, twelve dedicated moulds were created to produce them.

Custom Line Navetta 30 layout

Fine craftsmanship is simply made into quality. This rather small yacht may be the shiniest proof of the experience and expertise of her Italian builder, as she can stand comparison with any of the mega-yachts built in the Ferretti Superyachts Ancona yard.

This is a photography of Custom Line Navetta 30 master cabin

This is a photography of italian yacht master cabin
Master cabin on the new Navetta 30

Harmonious and complicated shapes, natural light and real wood come together to create modern, fresh interiors with unexpected accents – an interesting piece of furniture here, whimsical plastic and paper wallpaper there, and a lighting scheme (complete with a dimmer) that leaves no scenario unlit make the new Navetta 30 an inspiration for both yachts and homes. Speaking about which, the standing height never less than two meters will also remind you to the home by the water.


On the main deck there is a galley with entry to crew quarters for five on port and on starboard forward part lies the day head and the corridor leading to the master cabin. The master is light and simple, almost minimalist (but not really), and has a large bed, a private office, a walk-in wardrobe and a beauty corner, as well as a large private bathroom with custom Micromosaico tile in the bow.

Master cabin on the new Navetta 30 has 35 square meters

Look for details and you’ll find them – Citterio and Viel designed an unusually decadent leather headboard, curved the line where floor and ceiling touch and opted for deceptively simple, stackable shelving as a livable play.

More then on most yachts, this size, the master cabin on the new Navetta 30 is rather large – 35 square meters.

This is a photography of navetta yacht cockpit
The cockpit on the Custom Line Navetta 30 is a 34-square-metre space for socialising and can be used as both a dining and living area

On the lower deck, there are four guest cabins, all of them sharing the same style and feeling, all of them with a touch of marine blue. The two aft are VIP, the two in the bow are twin, and the port-side twin has a third (Pullman) bed, raising bed number to eleven. In addition to the cabins, guests can relax and rest in the upper deck salon, placed behind the bridge.

New Custom Line Navetta 30 has more than one salon, but the upper deck cockpit hosts the only dining table aboard. The glass element that separates the salon and the bridge can become transparent, or you can watch television behind it.

Luxury yacht Ferretti Navetta 33 Seventh Sense port side

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is a wonderful Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 33. She was delivered in 2008 and fully refitted in 2019.

Other glass surfaces in and around the salon – including the windows with those very special wooden frames – open the interior toward the sea, allowing the eye to roam freely and earning the salon the advertised title of panoramic.

The upper-deck lunch area is a paean to sociable living, as is the glorious large sundeck that opens up to the endless sky

Aft, the salon is connected to the cockpit both functionally and visually – they share the same charming teak-covered ceiling and are generally the part of one living space.

New Navetta has everything for fun in the sun

Our favourite eye-catching part of the yacht seems to be the designers’ favourite part, too – the stairs made in carbon fibre and aesthetically curved that lead to the upper, third deck simply seem to be too charming not to be someone’s favourite.

The sundeck is a cosy space complete with a small bar in – have you guessed yet? – teak that separates the bow from the aft with seating on a comfortable sofa. The sundeck is large enough for a jacuzzi if Owner wants (35 sq.m.), and can be covered by a bimini top. It also has a seating oriented forward looking over the bow.

There you will find fourth exterior living space aboard (also exceeding 30 sq.m.), the final proof of another purpose of Navetta 30 – fun in the sun.

The exteriors of the Navetta 30 were designed with a big focus on the use of space, in order to make the most of all of the volumes and all of the surface area that was available

The aft garage is large enough to house a Williams 435 and a jet ski, and closes with a Ferretti-patented Dual Mode Transom door.

Custom Line Navetta 30 has a bridge like a much larger yacht, and two wings that make manoeuvring in limited marine space easier. The prototype we tested was equipped with classical fin stabilizers and a Seakeeper gyro, meaning the yacht was unbothered by all our attempts to test her patience in turns.

Custom Line Navetta 30 fuel consumption and price

‘The new Navetta 30 blends generous volumes with an attractive, graceful design whose classic charms never grow old,’ said architect Filippo Salvetti

This true displacement yacht weighing 130 tonnes and as spacious as one would expect is powered by twin 1000-hp MAN engines (other power options are available too) and reaches cruising speed at 10 knots using mere 70 litres of fuel per hour (including that necessary for powering the generators). At 12 knots, fuel consumption jumps to 150 l/h, or to 230 l/h at 13 knots.

Top speed of Navetta 30 is 14.5 knots, with 415 l/h, but the sweet spot lies just around the 10-knot cruising speed. This CE Category A yacht has autonomy surpassing 2000 miles, carries two 35 kW generators and powerful watermakers, so her capacity for avoiding ports is limited only by food supply capacity.

This is a photography of new Navetta 30
At 28.43 m long and 7.3 m in the beam, the Custom Line Navetta 30 is ambitious in size but rides the waves with a gossamer elegance that speaks eloquently of liberty and grace

The Custom Line Navetta 30 price starts at 8.9 M euro on which you will have to add only a few options. We are certain that lucky owner of the yacht we tested will live many happy moments on board, as will all other who among the many crossover yachts on the market choose this skillfully designed, impeccably built navetta, that truly adds a lot of admiration into the Custom Line family.

Custom Line Navetta 30 specifications
LOA: 28,43 m
Beam: 7,31 m
Draft: 2,2 m
Fuel capacity: 14.500 l
Water capacity: 2500 l
Cruising speed: 12 knots
Builder: Custom Line
Dealer: MennYacht Group

Text Darko Šupuk
Photos & video Custom Line

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