Crossover Yachts: Complete Guide to Yachting SUVs

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Yachts Croatia brings you an overview of the eleven latest offerings among crossover yachts offered by leading world manufacturers. Each of this vessels pushes the boundaries and invites you to explore

If we have daydreamed of how we will explore (better) time after isolation and how we will live our lives, it would be a cliché – full of lungs. For some of us, staying at sea is a way of living, in a pleasurable, yachting way. For many it is becoming an important part of our life’s ‘hygiene’ (with an increasing number to come), affecting the way yachts are used and apostrophizing a longer stay on board.

Along with the change in the style of enjoyment at sea, a real small revolution is happening in the development of new segments of yachts offered by leading world manufacturers. Today, the market is rich in yachts of the new breed, with the concept that offers more comfort and space at the expense of different performance, but also the usual design solutions.

Definition of crossover yachts

This is a photography of crossover yachts
Modern Crossover Yachts are like a Swiss Army Knife

These yachts could be classified in a whole new category of crossover yachts. SUV concepts from the automotive industry are a very similar example of development. Semi-displacement troughs with gentle consumption, large interiors, immense variety and improved autonomy have made this class a favourite for sailors who want to take advantage of long sea holidays. Also, in the present day, it seems that slow and economical cruising makes the joy of sailing even greater, and enjoying the sea is complete.

Therefore, we bring you an overview of the eleven latest offerings in this class, each of which in its way pushes the boundaries and invites you to explore, even if you (currently) stick to standard yachts. Welcome to the complete guide for crossover yachts, explorer yachts, navetta yachts, SUV yachts…

The selection of yachts presented in the article cannot be classified under the same tag (nor should be), as each shipyard has its vision of interpreting the life at sea for its clients, but they are close enough to fall into the crossover category. Even the two mentioned Navettas could not be placed under the same hat as they are quite different yachts.

But as we mentioned, the whole selection of the presented crossover yachts is connected by the ‘spirit of navigation’, that is, the desire to spend more time at sea with the highest level of safety these yachts offer in all sailing conditions, even when destinations are in hardly accessible locations.

This is a photography of a Absolute Navetta 64 Beach Club
Absolute Navetta 64 Beach Club

For this reason, modern ‘offshore SUV’ vessels have the following characteristics: increased volume, which applies especially to interior areas for greater comfort for longer stays at sea; all models pay special attention to the functionality of the stern of the vessel for the development of the ‘beach club’ and an unprecedented level of interaction with the marine environment; significantly greater efficiency of the hull and engine lines, which directly affects fuel consumption and autonomy; often engines with less horsepower because performance is not a prime factor which also affects autonomy; a new way to use a bow or saloon (you will have to see the yachts live for this, and a great example is the Sanlorenzo SX line) and a different design from standard models, like enlarged side windows, stylized details of the superstructure with mostly softer design lines that mark the ‘more natural’ perception of a modern yacht.

Absolute Navetta 64: Beach club revolution

When the Navetta 64 premiered this year at Boot, it was hinted that Absolute expects to continue its dominance in the explorer class up to twenty meters, as the announced model is once again revolutionary. All Navettas are recognizable yachts, accompanied by the voice of reliable, thrifty and comfortable boats. The new Navetta family member is located between the 58 and 68 models and is further enriched with the refined design over its predecessors, with top quality craftsmanship that has been the trademark of this Italian shipyard for many years.

The combination of style and luxury is built into a functionally perfectly designed yacht with four cabins plus one for the crew, while the main feature of the new Navetta is a beach club so far unprecedented on the yachts of this length. Following the new design guidelines, the large windows of the bow and saloon are more pronounced here than compared to the 68, and the elevated wheelhouse provides outstanding visibility.

This is a photography of a Absolute Navetta 64 At The Sea
Crossover yachts: Absolute Navetta 64

Placing the main cabin in the bow is a great idea, not only for privacy but also for a superior experience of the marine environment. With the premise of closer contact with the sea, all other spaces have been designed on this luxury yacht, powered by the standard 2 x IPS 1350 or cost-effective 2x 1200 Volvo Penta engines. Overall impression? Certainly one of the leaders of the class up to 20 meters in length, and potentially a new hit of Absolute in Navetta yacht category. Dealer for Croatia: Adriatic Wave.

Prestige X70: Garroni and Prestige print history (again)

This is a photography of a PRESTIGE X70 Side View
Crossover yachts: Prestige X70

Following the last year’s celebratory 30th anniversary of the Prestige brand, the main event this year should be the premiere of a brand new X line, the first of which is the X70, with a radical departure from the traditional design of this house. Genoa-based Garroni Design, which signs just about all Prestige models so far, has its hands on new yachts as well.

As masters of space utilization of yachts to date and a great interpretation of life on deck, the new Garroni and Prestige model opens up a different chapter with a whole new perspective on cruising. The Prestige X70 is set apart by a radically different use of space.

PThis is a photography of a Prestige X70 Back View
Life aboard the Prestige X70 combines the comforts of a luxurious villa and the pleasures of life at sea in a radically new and different way

The elimination of the side decks, which are repositioned onto the flybridge, enables the use of 90% of the space. The saloon occupies the entire beam of the yacht. The extra-wide cockpit increased to 50%, opens onto the exterior without any physical separation from the interior. The forward deck can be accessed by the flybridge or directly from the interior, through a side exit.

This fluid circulation transforms the space onboard, ingeniously blending the interior with the exterior, with increased natural lighting and creating the so-called ‘infinity’ cockpit. Built-in the spirit of superyachts, the X70 offers solutions, craftsmanship and luxury never before seen on Prestige boats of this length. When it comes to premium materials, that is, leather, Prestige has chosen among the best in the world – Foglizzo is there, while the sofa and other custom details are designed by Duvivier.

The Prestige X70 will be equipped with Volvo IPS 1200 and IPS 1350 engines on planning hull, which means that top speed could be close to 30 knots for the stronger engines and with a capacity of 4000 litres of fuel, the range should be around 400 nm with cruising speed or 600 nm at 12 knots speed. Their goal was not to be a trawler with long-range at low speed but to provide similar cruising characteristics as the traditional flybridge market, but with more space, style and features. Dealer for Croatia: Euromarine.

Beneteau E1 and E2: French Evolution

This is a photography of Beneteau Project E1 E2
Crossover yachts from Beneteau – smaller E1 and bigger E2

The French Beneteau has long ‘slept’ when it comes to explorers or crossover yachts, and the reason is quite simple. Their Swift Trawler model was the first to introduce the concept of ‘slow food’ navigation in a production yacht. In Dusseldorf this year we learned what their response to the undisputed demands of the market in the larger segment is.

Designed for long ocean expeditions and unforgettable experiences in extra-voluminous spaces, Beneteau calls its two yachts ‘Project E1 and E2’ a 2021 launch. The goal was to improve their cruise range and efficiency, making it easier for owners to get off on long cruises. The raised wheelhouse is located in the middle, cleverly positioned between the main and upper decks accessed by a separate staircase, while the kitchen area can be completely closed.

Wood, leather and elegant textiles make for a stylish interior and exterior and have been carefully designed by world-renowned Italian studio expert Nauta Design, with whom the Beneteau group has worked successfully for years. Extremely spacious on the inside, with volumes similar to much larger yachts, these explorers have plenty of space to house owners and crew.

The first model is 18.95 m long and has a hull over five meters in length, which can cruise up to 8 people (+ crew), and the boat has an impressive flybridge – one of the largest on the market. The second model, 22.28 m long, is designed for 8 people and 4 crews. They feature a ‘cruise’ range of 900 nautical miles at 8 knots for the smaller model or 1400 miles at 10 knots for the larger model. Dealer for Croatia: Nava Boats.

Numarine 22 XP: Mini explorer with maxi volumes

Numarine 22XP
Numarine 22XP looks stylish and attractive

The Turkish shipyard Numarine has just announced the construction of an ‘entry’ model 22 XP from their Explorer line, which should be unveiled at Cannes 2021. This smallest model is complemented by the XP line made up of the 26XP (soon to be redesigned) and 32XP models whose 14 units are already sailing the world’s seas. With the experience of building XP ‘big brothers’, designers have managed to create a truly enviable interior on the 22XP with four cabins, with the main cabin across the entire width of the hull. It is the interior that is the main novelty because the exterior lines generally rely on larger models with easily visible large windows signed by Can Zalman.

Luxury yacht Ferretti Navetta 33 Seventh Sense port side

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is a wonderful Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 33. She was delivered in 2008 and fully refitted in 2019.

In addition to the stern open space, feature of the larger XP line models, such as the large deck lounge and spacious upper bridge, are fortes here, making the Numarine 22XP one of the most spacious 70-foot explorers. It looks stylish and attractive, and interestingly, it makes it more interesting because the smallest model was created precisely according to customer requirements for a more compact explorer (from the existing XP 26 model). This smallest model which could become a ‘best buy’ in the explorer class has a modest performance of 12.5 knots of maximum speed, cruising speed of 9 knots and remarkable range of 2.000 miles at speed pf 8 knots.

Azimut Great Magellano 25 Metri: ‘Original’ as a work of art

If anyone started the trend of production yachts over fifteen meters with the explorer spirit – it was the Azimut with the Magellano line. Today, when there is a small ‘flood’ of similar vessels on the market, in Azimut they decided that their next model would simply be a work of art. From the beginning, the vision was that a luxury yacht does not necessarily harm the environment, and at the same time may look phenomenal.

Fast forward into the present, Azimut shows the prettiest explorer – the Magellano 25 Metri, for which they have hired Italian artist Vicenza De Cotiis to add to the well-known advantages of the Magellano, a line of artistic touch. Made of carbon and glass fibres, with the addition of electric motors for autonomy without exhaust, the new Magellano continues to the beaten track of its ‘eco’ predecessors.

This is a photography of Azimut Magellano 25 Metri cruising
Crossover yachts: Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

Already at first glance, Ken Freivokh’s outer lines bring a new Azimut classic, and the 25-meter length has never looked ‘bigger and bolder’ with glass ‘walls’ that seem to wrap the superstructure. Vincenzo De Cotiis is a master of interior design, so with open spaces especially on the main deck and contrasting materials, he created a unique and expressive look for his ‘yachting art’ project. The absence of sharp corners and strictly separated spaces carries a great dose of usability and freedom of movement around the yacht.

This Magellano comes with two MAN 2 x 1200 V8 or 2 x 1400 V12 engine options, with a projected top speed of 23 knots, while cruising speeds would go up to 19 knots, which is great for an 85-tonne ship with tanks with the capacity of eight thousand litres of fuel, predicting a range of 1.200 miles at 12 knots, with a style that many will admire without reservation. Dealer for Croatia: Navis Marine.

Arksen 85: Born for expeditions

Arksen is a new shipyard that, with its attitude towards clients, the idea of exploration, and the industry itself, approaches completely and holistically, keeping in mind the basic premise: sustainability, recyclability and the ultimate environmental impact. Therefore, whether you want to explore the tropical waters of the Pacific or take a dip in some frozen Antarctic fjord, Arksen is exactly the explorer you would love to sail on with 180 degrees of positive stability in cruising trim.

Extremely crisp and modern lines, from bow to stern with the upper deck closed, guarantee not only safe but long autonomous navigation. Specifically, the Arksen 85, with its highly efficient hull (reinforced and sub-divided below WL for collision survivability) at a speed of nine knots, has a range of up to 7000 miles, while 14 knots is the highest speed, which is achievable with 2 x 242 kW machines. There is a possibility of installation and hybrid drive with market leading low emissions, and solar array option provides zero-carbon electrical power.

This is a photography of Crossover Yacht Arksen 85
Crossover yachts: Arksen 85

Behind the large glass walls hides a not exactly spartan interior, equipped with everything you need on an expatriate expedition, and has four on-suite cabins on board, can accommodate 12 researchers, but the ability to customize schedules also opens up additional opportunities and huge aft deck even for tenders and submersible up to 2 tones. On the main deck, along the sides, there are large sofas that extend beyond the kitchen, and the entire space is surrounded by glass walls that provide incredible views in all directions.

In this case, minimalist design is not the epitome of scarcity, but of functionality, which on real expeditions certainly means a lot and with the addition of owner support through Arksen yacht Management and Arksen Explorers Club, there is no doubt that Arksen 85 is ‘born’ to explore.

Sanlorenzo SX 112: The flagship of the crossover line

This is a photography of Sanlorenzo SX 112 crossover yachts
Crossover yachts: Sanlorenzo SX112

The Sanlorenzo shipyard expands the SX line with a new 34-meter flagship of the innovative SX crossover line, the first in the world of yachting. The project design has again been assigned to the Bernardo Zuccon for the external lines, and Piero Lissoni for the interiors. The focal point of the project is the new stern zone which represents the yacht’s most iconic area, a choice that brings new possibilities of design and use by the Architect Luca Santella.

This is a photography of SX 112 Beach Area
The new SX112 has a spacious internal beach area

The new model has a spacious internal beach area that is directly connected to the outside, thanks to the retractable terraces. The main deck has been organized as an open space, an innovative solution introduced by Sanlorenzo for the first time on the SX88. Thanks to the wheelhouse placed on the flying bridge, freeing up the bow zone of the living area on the main deck, a single continuous space has been created for the living and dining areas.

The internal helical staircase extends through three levels to connect the decks, and at the height of the main deck it is enclosed in a transparent oval volume. The SX1112 is equipped with 4 x Volvo IPS3 1350S – 1000 HP, allowing the maxiumm speed of 23kn, while cruising speed is around 20kn. With the fuel tank of 18000 l and economical speed of 12 kn, SX112 will have a great cruising range in a true crossover style. Dealer for Croatia: Sanlorenzo Adria.

Sunseeker Ocean Club 90: Fresh direction

Sunseeker Ocean 90 crossover yachts
Crossover yachts: Sunseeker Ocean 90

The long-announced Sunseeker Ocean Club Ninety embodies the fresh design direction of this British company and the next generation of a complete range of yachts called the ‘Ocean Club’. For Sunseeker, this is an entry into a whole new niche of the market in which we would not expect this British manufacturer at first, which makes the ‘yield’ even more interesting.

To emphasize the feel of a true superyacht, Ocean Club Ninety features striking lines, incredible volume, sophisticated open-plan interiors and a new ‘Ocean Club’ concept at stern offering four times the surface area of a traditional aft platform. The redesign of the aft section allows for extensive storage of large jet skis, sea bobs and other ‘toys’, all with the help of an integrated hydraulic bathing platform. Easy access to the sea is made possible through an optional hydraulic ladder carrier, while Sunseeker’s X-TEND Convertible Sunbathing takes center stage.

Measuring dizzying 6m x 4m, roughly four times the size of platforms seen in competition, ‘Ocean Club’ transforms the area into an extraordinary private beach equipped with a built-in barbecue, shower and AV system. With four lavish cabins, Ocean Club 90 can accommodate up to 10 guests with four crew members. With twin MAN V12 1650 or 1900 hp with power transmission on the axle, this yacht will reach 26 knots of speed, while cruising at 12 knots will have a range of 1800 nautical miles. Dealer for Croatia: Sunseeker Adriatic.

Princess X95: Luxury SUV at sea

This is a photography of Princess X95 cruising
Crossover yachts; Princess X95

With the release of the new X95, Princess Yachts has announced a model that will completely change the market. Recognizing the best sales results since then, Princess has decided that their new model is something that with subtle elements of beauty and quality has not yet been seen in this class. This luxury yacht is the result of a collaboration between Princess and the legendary Pininfarina Design House on redefining the design, space and architecture of luxury yacht interiors and exteriors.

The X95 elegantly blends architectural innovation with all the famous Princess Yachts features such as quality in craftsmanship and materials, interior design and technology innovation. The X95 is the first model in the new X-Class ‘Princess’ range to be defined by large, customizable spaces that can be designed in many ways to meet proprietary navigation requirements, meaning the layout provides 10 percent more outdoor space and 40 percent more enclosed space than traditional motor yachts. Climbing the upper deck will reveal another unique experience: the fully enclosed and air-conditioned ‘Sky Lounge’.

Determined by a large customizable space that can be used and shaped in many ways, the X95 offers the owner and guests a unique and flexible way to enjoy navigation. A 13.400-liter fuel tank will give enough reason for longer exploration, and a twin MAN V12-1900 hp is estimated to be sufficient for a top speed of 24 knots with a range of 2000 nautical miles at 10 knots. Or you can choose an alternative engine option with hp with a max speed range of 24 knots. Dealer for Croatia: Princess Yachts Adriatic.

Custom Line Navetta 30: The new star is born

This is a photography of a Custom Line Navetta 30 Cruising
Crossover yachts: Custom Line Navetta 30

The latest Custom Line Navetta 30 is the smallest yacht in the Navetta line, but even before the official launch scheduled for fall, it is clear that this is a new gem in the Ferretti Group’s crown. The new star is not the result of restrictive measures and adjustments to the consequences that we will feel for a long time, but it seems that circumstances will not only benefit the survival but also the success of this project.

Although somewhat classic and timelessly attractive exterior lines are a signature of Custom Line yachts, the new Navetta 30 is in many ways a revolution of style, for when you bring together people like Piero Ferrari and Filippo Salvetti for exterior design on one such new project and leave the interior design to the architectural firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, the result is of a ‘state of art’ yacht that will rarely be seen in a range up to 30 meters.

This project breaks through all the frames and postulates, because to begin with, its three decks are unprecedented for a yacht of this length, and yet the large outer glass walls on the hull and superstructure make it discreet.

In order to lay good and load-bearing foundations for the whole concept, a brand new hull was created, which at full load has a displacement of 136 tons. Designed not only to accommodate very large spaces, but also to provide top performance and reduce power consumption, the Navetta 30 comes with three versions of MAN’s 800, 1000 and 1200 hp units. Preliminary data for the weakest engine predicts that with 10 knots Navetta will have autonomy of 2.150 nm while the top speed would be 14 knots. Dealer for Croatia: MennYacht.

Arcadia A115: Sustainability and enjoyment

This is a photography of Arcadia A115 Cruising
Crossover yachts: Arcadia A115

From its beginnings ten years ago when the Arcadia 85 was launched, the young Italian shipyard Arcadia has regularly received awards for the innovation of its yachts, so the luxury and largest model Arcadia 115 is no exception. Arcadia yachts are said to be designed from the inside, resulting in a truly unique exterior that, regardless of aesthetic preferences, will certainly not leave you indifferent.

Arcadia’s ‘energy-saver’ is one of the leading in energy efficiency, building the fifth Arcadia 115,  which will retain all the exterior features that make it the most innovative yacht and will be launched at the beginning of 2021. In this case it is 4 to 6 cabins that can accommodate up to 10 guests, and there is little to say comfortably, since the owner’s cabin alone has 40 m2.

The extremely spacious main deck, the wheelhouse shifted all the way forward, and the sky lounge are brilliantly glazed and fully illuminated, while the solar panels cover the production of 5 kW of electricity. Coming down to the main deck, all the spaces on the ship seem to fit together. When moving the glass doors aside, the whole space opens up, which is especially attractive in the dining room.

Overall, 140 m2 of interiors and exteriors to enjoy, no matter if you are on the stern or swimming in the pool located on the bow itself. This 266 tone heavy yacht can achieve a cruising speed of 16 and maximum of 8 knots with 2 x MAN 1200 hp, while 23 thousand liters of fuel are available for a considerable number of miles. With 35 meters of total length, Arcadia is a unique and luxurious yacht, designed for the more knowledgeable owners, and who do not want to compromise their comfort on their long expeditions, even at the cost of a ‘totally different’ look.
Text Filip Bubalo

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