Ferretti 780 review: Another instant classic


Ferretti 780 has four cabins, a perfectly comfortable interior and classical exterior lines. Impeccably made, the new yacht from Italian shipyard is above all a smooth rider

This is a photograph of a Ferretti 780
Exterior lines of the new Ferretti 780 are comfortable, stylish and cozy

During the yacht show in Cannes in September, we tested the new Ferretti 780, an evolution of the flybridge, the type Ferretti is perhaps best known for. The latest version of the Ferretti flybridge has a redesigned hull and although visibly related to the previous versions of the flybridge model, is obviously something new and different.

Ferretti 780 interior

The aft platform is the best example of how much things have changed – there is a foldable bench in the transom, and hidden storage compartments for Seabobs in sides. The crew cabin is also aft, and the builder stresses stern is longer than on the previous models. The cockpit is connected to the salon and creates common space in case stern door is opened.

The back of the salon is furnished with sofas and coffee table, and clearly designed for daytime relaxing. Unlike the extravagantly furnished and decorated 850, the Ferretti 780 has calm, balanced interiors of a true family yacht. Elongated side windows allow natural light to spill into every part of the interior.

Ferretti 780
Salon and cockpit create common living space, while the main outside area is fly bridge with stunning 37 square meters of surface

The dining room, located in the bow part of the salon, is especially well lit as it has an window looking at recessed rail, and very chic; decorated with an cubic metal frame hanging from the ceiling for decoration.

Light oak floors and shiny lacquered wooden ceiling, as well as the uninterrupted view flying across the interior make this relatively small yacht appear longer. The galley is located behind the dining room, U-shaped, can be completely separated from the salon (as was the case on the unit we tested), and has two large portholes.

Pleasurable sailing

The command post is located on the bow, with two helm seats fixed to the bulkhead, and although it is not large, it is perfectly fit for a yacht this size with space enough for a small bench on the side. Ferretti 780 is equipped with latest generation instruments, Naviop and Simrad touch screens and fly by wire steering.

Ferretti 780
Lower deck on Ferretti Yachts 780 has four cabins, decorated with a lot of attention to smallest details

On the lower deck, there are four cabins – stylish, lavishly decorated, with the same lacquered wood ceiling as on the main deck, the cabins are a joy to look at. The flybridge is large – effectively the largest space on the yacht – stretches over 37 square meters of space and is furnished with movable elements in the back that can be rearranged as the owners please.

The fly is protected by a carbon-reinforced hard top with a glass inset, and the bow ‘cockpit’ is furnished with a sofa and a sunpad, both well protected from curious eyes in marinas. Although the interior and the exterior of the new Ferretti 780 are comfortable, stylish and cozy – which isn’t surprising, as Ferretti is best known for comfortable, safe yachts – what delighted us most was her maneuverability and pleasurable sailing.

Ferretti 780
The largest space on the Ferretti 780 is the flybridge

Stable, prompt to respond and unrelenting when facing waves, the 780 is a yacht that will please even those who usually scorn floating villas. Powered by two 1500-hp MAN engines, Ferretti 780 reaches top speed of 30 knots and cruising speed of 24 knots (@2000 rpm and 420 liters of fuel per hour). As agile as she is fast, Ferretti 780 is equipped with Seakeeper stabilizers, the final element that guarantees comfort. Another Ferretti, another instant classic.

Ferretti 780 specifications

LOA: 24,01 m
Beam: 5,80 m
Draft: 1,94 m
Fuel capacity: 5.000 l
Water capacity: 1.050 l
Displacement: 65 t
Engines: MAN 2 x V12 (1.400 HP)
MAN 2 x V12 (1.550 HP)
Max speed: 28/31 knots
Cruising speed: 24/27 knots
Range: 300/280 nm @ 24/27 knots
Builder: Ferretti Yachts
Dealer: MennYacht

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