Sanlorenzo SL90A Review: Perfection of Style

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Although we are already used to asymmetrical Sanlorenzo models, SL90A has gone one step further. Still blessed with the recognizable refined style and interior design, the new Sanlorenzo’s yacht has smart bow cabin arrangement, connected spaces and a fantastic interior staircase, and simply pushes all the boundaries

In September, at the Cannes Yachting Festival, Sanlorenzo presented their smallest asymmetrical yacht, the new SL90A. This model represents the evolution of their asymmetrical designed created by designer Bernardo Zuccon, so far successfully applied on larger models, and this time tightly wrapped in mere 90 feet.

Sanlorenzo SL90A design

Although asymmetry is the yacht’s most recognizable feature, this Sanlorenzo model has several equally important features.

This is a photography of new Sanlorenzo SL90A
Sanlorenzo SL90A was designed by Zuccon International Project

First of all, there is the unmistakable style and almost artistic performance that designate this new model unmistakably as part of the Sanlorenzo family. Then there’s the master cabin, very original in concept and finish, as well as the stairs that connect the decks on different levels and make this yacht unique in her class.

Sanlorenzo SL90A interior

The unmistakable Sanlorenzo style caught our eye astern, where the teak-covered aft platform looks like deck, with spaces between pieces of teak instead of the usual joined look. We found that detail as beautiful as it is well made, and were delighted to see the design echoed on the table in the aft cockpit and the one on the upper deck. The aft cockpit is a large lounge area as the owner desired.

This is a photography of Sanlorenzo yacht salon

This is a photography of Sanlorenzo's yacht interior
To the asymmetrical left side of the main salon there is a large window whose lowering allows that space to blend with the outside

The owner also opted for no dining table in the main salon, replacing it with beautiful free standing sitting sofas that fit perfectly into the refined style of the yacht, as well as plenty of glass and wood. The salon has matte teak floors and teak furniture, with accents in gray lacquer.

An owner’s paradise

Our favorite feature in the salon is the option of lowering the left side panel and opening the view through a large window on the side; a very nice feature that increases the feeling of spaciousness in this yacht without any passages on its left side.

This is a photography of lounge italian yacht
Sanlorenzo SL90A

This – right – passage leads to the bow, an owner’s paradise, from where the upper deck is accessible, as is the aft cockpit on the lower deck. Easy connectivity made possible by this solution seems so practical this just might turn out to be the future of the yachting market. Back inside, we ave noticed another detail in the salon: a large television hidden when not in use by a sliding panel.

When moving toward the bow on the left side, we passed by the salon and reached the master cabin, stretching across three levels and connected to the main deck. The bed there is positioned feet to bow, and the cabin has a skylight, a luxuriously furnished head, and just a step further, a large wardrobe.

This is a photography of Sanlornezo owner cabin
The master cabin was wisely placed in the bow and stretches over three levels, with a private exit to the bow

The owner’s cabin also has access to the bow, which serves as a private salon for the owner, with a U-shaped seat and a table that lowers and turns it into a sun deck. From there there are stairs leading to the upper deck, practical because guests and crew don’t have to go through the main deck salon.

Details from Sanlorenzo’s yachts

We returned to the lower deck to look around the other three cabin (the model is also available with four guest cabins). The Sanlorenzo SL90A we tested had a large VIP cabin with a particularly spacious bathroom. Marble was used extensively in all the bathrooms, and given the location of the shipyard near Carrara, Sanlorenzo loves to boast all their marble is domestic and of finest quality.


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We were delighted with the way the lower deck is connected to the main deck and the wheelhouse: by an open staircase whose height exceeds five meters. This is a unique detail for a yacht this size and something owners can surely be proud to show off. On the main deck, starboard towards the bow, we have entered the Boffi-appointed galley with a double Gaggenau oven, another detail Sanlorenzo put on all their yachts. Further towards the bow we have found the crew cabins.

This is a photography of Sanlorenzo SL90A upper deck
The upper deck is elegantly appointed and protected by a hard top with a movable center part

The upper deck of the new Sanlorenzo is divided into three parts, and up front there is a wheelhouse to the port and a large seat starboard. The central part of the upper deck is reserved for the galley, with a large table and a U-shaped seat, and on the opposite side there is enough space for a sink, an ice maker, a refrigerator and a kitchenette. Both parts are protected by a fixed top whose central part opens, and there is plenty of space left for three deck chairs.

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New Sanlorenzo SL90 Asymmetric sea trial

Before our trial during the Cannes Yachting Festival, we were aware the Sanlorenzo SL90A was not a power-crazy yacht whose performance would knock us off our feet, but the emphasis was placed on the comfort in navigation, with an interesting navigation mode offered at lower speeds: at 10 knots of speed, this model consumes less than ninety liters of fuel per hour.

This is a photography of SL09A Sanlorenzo
There is no need to read the name: even from a distance, a Sanlorenzo yacht is immediately recognisable, at first glance

In conversation with the skipper, we have learned that on arrival from La Spezia to Cannes they mostly sailed at 19 knots at 2000 rpm, never exceeding fuel consumption of about 500 liters per hour, while we reached a maximum of 28 knots, a great result considering we were carrying full tanks and many passengers. This model’s strength is not speed, but serenity and comfort in navigation that reflect perfectly her hedonistic and refined spirit.

Sanlorenzo SL90A specifications

LOA: 27.6 m
Beam: 6.5 m
Draft: 1.93 m
Fuel tank capacity: 9000 l
Water tank capacity: 1500 l
Engines: 2 x MAN V12 – 2000 hp
Generators: 1 X 28 kW – 1 X 35 kW
Top speed: 29 knots
Cruising speed: 11 knots
Builder: Sanlorenzo
Dealer: Sanlorenzo Adria

Text Darko Šupuk
Photos & Video Sanlorenzo Yacht

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