Aquitalia Yachts 78 Review: A Splash-Worthy Debut

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This spacious, distinctivly designed fly is an excellent premiere for her Chinese builder on the global yachting market

Aquitalia 78 Unveils Unique Design and Spacious Interior

Founded in 1990, Yihong Shipyard has been delivering custom yachts to their Chinese customers order for many years. From 2020, their new brand Aquitalia Yachts led by an international team of Italian, French and Chinese designers worked on a line of yachts from 46 to 110 feet with an Italian flair. The first model from this line, Aquitalia 78, debuted this year in Cannes, and at first glance boasts unique design and attracts the eye.

Charter a Flybridge Yacht for an Exclusive Seaside Escape

While the trend currently dictates rectangular design lines, the design of the new Aquitalia 78 takes an evolutionary step back, returning to natural, flowing lines, that still incorporate some sharp and some rounded edges for maximum impact.

The hull windows are rhomboid-shaped, but with two sharp corners and two rounded ones, and come in two sizes: they are smaller on the bow cabins and larger on the master cabin. The distance between the windows paints a wave-shaped silhouette on the hull.

Aquitalia 78 aerial view
The design of the new Aquitalia 78 restores natural lines, that incorporate some sharp and some rounded edges for maximum impact

Glazed surfaces on the superstructure boast a unique design, beginning at the windshield and continuing to the sides, descending astern onto the hull itself and making Aquitalia 78 recognizable even from a distance.

The stern boasts a spacious swimming platform with a load capacity up to 1200 kg, which is quite sufficient for a larger inboard engine tender. Above the small aft bench, there is the entrance to the crew cabin, which can be equipped with three beds and has a private head.

Under the Hardtop: Exploring Aquitalia 78’s Flybridge

Biograd Boat Show 2023
Aquitalia 78 at the Biograd Boat Show 2023

Side stairs lead across the rather sloped stern towards the aft part of the main deck, which is completely protected by the massive roof of the superstructure supporting the flybridge is located.

Thanks to its strong construction, this aft part of the roof does not need a single support post, which allows the eye to roam without hurdles from the spacious aft diner – a large dining table and a spacious U-shaped sofa that can accommodate all eight guests.

Rather wide side passageways lead toward the bow, with a centrally positioned coffee table surrounded by three spacious sofas, that can also serve as sunbathing areas. The most impressive part of the exterior is the flybridge.

Supported by the mentioned structure, the flybridge is also protected by a hardtop, and large enough for a spacious bar, a dining table surrounded by a sofa, pull out TV, the exterior command post and a hot tub. For al fresco dining, there is more than enough space aft, appointed only by another large dining table and one semi-circular sofa. Just like the rest of the yacht, the flybridge can be made fully custom.

Exploring the Interior Marvels of Aquitalia 78’s Design

Upon stepping inside, there is a large salon with a spacious sofa on the right side, served by a small coffee table; and a smaller sofa on the left side, behind which there is space for an LED TV, which when not in use is hidden in the storage unit.

The interior is appointed and decorated in darker shades, with dark wood floors and wenge furniture, while the ceiling, sofas and carpets, as well as the kitchen elements and the dining table are in light tones, which creates an interesting contrast. Once again, the client can adapt all the materials and fabrics to their own style.

Aft to Fore: Navigating Aquitalia 78’s Deck and Cabins

Farther toward the bow and two steps higher lies an elevated space large enough to host the galley, another dining table and the interior command post. The galley, located on the right side of this space, is U-shaped and open, with plenty of free counters, but other versions are available, with a closed galley and the galley located on the lower deck.

The large dining table seats eight and provides a beautiful 360-degree view, thanks to its elevated position. The same can be said for the command post, equipped with a large and wide command console with more than enough space for several large multifunctional displays.

The interior is decorated in darker shades, while the sofas and carpets, as well as the kitchen elements are in light tonest

Just below the windshield, there is the staircase that leads below deck, to a corridor that connects the two guest cabins (one with two single beds and one with a double bed) and the VIP cabin in the bow (with a spacious double bed). All cabins benefit from private heads and large hull windows that allow in plenty of natural light.

The master cabin, located in the middle of the lower deck and with a private, semicircular staircase, is impressively spacious, with a centrally positioned double bed, a large private head with two sinks and a spacious shower cabin, and a private walk-in wardrobe. The master also has a proper office, with a desk next to one of the two spacious hull windows.

The interior is spacious in every aspect, and the staircases and corridors are fit for a larger yacht, and all parts of the interior share the same impressive ceiling height.

Powered by two Volvo Penta D13 C2-B MP 1000-hp engines, Aquitalia 78 reaches a maximum speed of 21.1 knots, using 388 liters of fuel per hour, while the optimal cruising speed is 18 knots, with a consumption of 256 liters per hour. For more stability, the builder offers the possibility of installing the Seakeeper 18.

With her unique design that allows her to stand out in the crowd and her interesting and useful spaciousness, the new Aquitalia 78 is a very good debut model for her Chinese builder, and a great introduction of the brand on the global nautical market. We are curious to see their new models, set to debut in the next few years.

Aquitalia Yachts 78 specifications

Length: 24,8 m
Beam: 6,2 m
Draft: 1,24 m
Displacement: 65 t
Fuel tank: 5000 l
Water tank: 1100 l
Engines: 2 x Volvo Penta D13 C2-B MP Diesel 1000 KS hp
Maximum speed: 21 knots
Cruising speed: 16 knots
Builder: Yihong Yachts
Dealer: Aquitalia Yachts Europe Pero Pavic

Text Mlađan Marušić

Photos & videos Aquitalia & Boris Kačan

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